How to Incorporate Email And Text Messages Into Quick Base

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Jul 2, 2018
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How to Incorporate Email And Text Messages Into Quick Base

Around 300 billion emails and 20 billion texts are sent around the world each day. Within these messages lies a massive amount of data businesses can leverage in the workplace. But, how to harness it?

At EMPOWER2018, Quick Base solution provider Juiced Technologies, Inc. demonstrated its email and text add-ons in one of the most well-attended breakout sessions at the conference. Juiced Technologies has been developing applications on the Quick Base platform since the early 2000s and has created numerous solutions to further extend the platform. These include three solutions around email and text, which help to process data from incoming and outgoing messages, improve workflows and automate manual tasks.

Want to do more with email and text in your own Quick Base apps? Here’s a bit about each of Juice Technologies’ add-ons, and how they work:

For more powerful email functionality: Courier for Quick Base

While Quick Base has powerful email capabilities, Courier aims to enhance that functionality. “Just like a lot of our add-ons, we see the customer needs a little bit more,” said Todd Jusas, CTO and partner at Juiced Technologies. “Courier gives you that flexibility in creating more email capabilities.”

Courier solves Quick Base users’ needs around outbound email communications — this can include dealing with invoices, sending contracts, drip marketing campaigns and so forth. Some specific capabilities include sending emails with attachments, scheduling emails for set intervals, and creating triggers for emails based on what happens in the Quick Base app.

Today, Juiced Technologies says it’s processing more than half a million emails for its customers.

For converting emails into Quick Base Data: Email Parser for Quick Base

Juiced Technologies also has a solution for processing inbound emails. While the functionality has grown over time, it was originally inspired by a customer who was concerned about what would happen if the recipient of the website submission form was on vacation. The risk was the data would not get uploaded into Quick Base right away and thus cause errors in the system or even lead to a lost prospect.

Today, beyond pulling out data from emails, Email Parser for Quick Base can even pull data points from file attachments (such as a CSV file) in emails and process them into Quick Base.

For simple and fast text messaging: Text My Quick Base

“Text My Quick Base will handle inbound and outbound texts,” said Jusas. For example, you can send queries to update Quick Base, or send scheduled reminders to a set of individuals. It can also provide two-way communication: by texting a specific code, you will get information you need from your Quick Base app.

Jusas gave the example of a customer, NCR, a company that makes self-service kiosks, point-of-sale terminals and ATMs, among other things. NCR’s business model makes heavy use of third-party providers for installations and other work. As part of this, NCR wanted to know when those third-party providers arrive and leave during installations. So, they turned to Text My Quick Base: the rep texts “A9876” to note their arrival and “E9876” to note when they leave. That data then feeds into NCR’s Quick Base app.

Find out more here about Juiced Technologies’ email and text add-ons, and get even more add-ons on the Quick Base website.

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