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How To Choose Construction Quality Control Software

Written By: Ray Waldron
October 2, 2023
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Quality control is a critical function in construction projects. By ensuring that projects are built to specifications, conform with building codes, and meet safety requirements, construction companies can satisfy clients, build a solid reputation, reduce costs, and avoid mistakes and rework.

While quality control in construction can be complicated and time-consuming, the right construction quality control software can help by automating processes and streamlining communication. By managing inspection checklists and punch lists, facilitating communication with subcontractors, and producing reports to track quality improvement, superior software provides tools that bring greater consistency and efficiency to the job of quality control.

As a no-code application development platform, Quickbase offers key capabilities in construction quality control software, and can be easily customized to the requirements of any project and the needs of any team. With Quickbase, construction firms can manage quality processes by creating and adapting software tools – without incurring the cost and delays of traditional development frameworks.

What to look for in construction quality control software

When choosing construction management system software, there are several key features that can ensure your solution will deliver on expectations.

  • Automation. The right software should automate processes across the board, from documenting deficiencies and producing progress reports to updating checklists and tracking engineering tests. The more steps that can be automated, the more time construction management teams will have to devote to higher value, strategic tasks.

  • Integration. Construction quality control software should consolidate data from disparate sources and integrate easily with other construction software and back-office systems. This ensures that quality control processes have access to real-time data and can deliver a 360° view of quality processes throughout the business.

  • Customization. Out-of-the-box quality control software will inevitably be too rigid and too limited to meet the needs of each project, workflow, and construction team. Choosing fully customizable tools ensures that construction quality control software can deliver the exact capabilities that management teams need, both today and tomorrow.

Construction quality control software from Quickbase

Quickbase helps businesses accelerate the continuous innovation of unique processes by empowering citizen developers to create software that solves business problems, with secure processes governed by IT.

Quickbase’s construction quality control software enables construction firms to:

  • Streamline processes. By automating processes, eliminating disconnected systems, connecting people and centralizing information, Quickbase empowers construction management teams to enhance productivity and increase efficiency.

  • Centralize documents. Quickbase provides one place for storing contracts, agreements, work orders, drawings, permits, certifications, and other documents.

  • Update stakeholders. Quickbase makes it easy to see every detail of every project by connecting all existing systems and workflows. Easy-to-build reports and dashboards provide real-time visibility for clients, team members, contractors, and other parties.

  • Make better decisions and encounter fewer surprises. Quickbase connects information from siloed systems to deliver better insights that enable quality control managers to make the right decision every time.

  • Balance workloads. Quickbase makes it easy to dynamically allocate resources as projects change.

  • Control costs. With access to accurate financial information, management teams can cut expenses, maximize profits, and forecast critical costs with real-time data from the field.

  • Manage subcontractors. Easily track contracts, subcontractor performance, certifications, and job quality across the entire portfolio of projects.

  • Hear directly from the field. Work to coordinate between the field and the back-office, with seamless collaboration and critical capabilities to strengthen communication.

In addition to construction quality control software, Quickbase’s project management software for construction includes construction project planning software and construction site management tools.

Custom solutions for every industry

In addition to construction quality control software, Quickbase offers a range of pre-configured solutions for various industries that can be easily customized for the requirements of each business. Quickbase offerings include solutions for:

  • Real estate. Quickbase provides real estate teams with the tools to confidently manage every stage of projects with greater connectivity, integration, security, and efficiency.

  • Property management. Quickbase enables property management teams to view their entire portfolios in a single view and to simplify management of property agreements, leases, customer contracts, and vendor contracts.

  • Legal. Quickbase provides legal firms with the tools to centralize key information, gain insights into business processes, streamline legal workflows, and make strategic decisions with better business intelligence.

  • Government. Government agencies trust Quickbase to digitize public sector data workflows without compromising transparency, collaboration, or security.

  • Solar. Quickbase helps solar manufacturers and installers to track leads, schedule site surveys, report on sales, and manage simultaneous installation projects.

  • Healthcare. Quickbase enables healthcare organizations to optimize processes, streamline workflows, mitigate risk, secure data, maintain compliance, and track patient care across networks.

  • Manufacturing. Quickbase process management software helps increase efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance visibility with real-time views into inventory, performance, suppliers, and critical processes.

  • Education. Quickbase solutions enable educational institutions to digitize workflows, automate operations, manage changes to learning systems, and improve experiences for students, educators, and administrators.

Why choose Quickbase?

With 20+ years of experience empowering non-coders to build custom software that solves business problems, Quickbase is a true pioneer of citizen development. Quickbase provides:

  • No-code and low-code development tools. Users with no coding experience can configure powerful business applications in a visual builder using pre-built components and drag-and-drop functionality. Experienced developers can rely on Quickbase to build applications faster without the tedious, line-by-line coding of traditional development processes.

  • Automated workflows. Quickbase Pipelines makes it easy to integrate workflows with existing platforms, quickly connecting new applications with existing systems.

  • Continuous innovation. Quickbase helps create a culture of continuous innovation, where users can use sandbox capabilities to update apps, transform data, or change schema without taking applications offline.


What is construction quality control software?

Construction quality control software enables construction management teams to manage quality control processes with greater efficiency, easier communication, fewer mistakes, and less effort. By automating many of the tasks and processes of quality control, construction software enables teams to accomplish more in less time while facilitating the communication that is essential to ensuring quality in construction projects. Construction quality control software is often combined with construction planner software and scheduling tools to provide a complete project management tool for construction firms.

What is no-code application development?

No-code application development is a modern way of creating software that allows users with no coding skills to build sophisticated applications that solve complex problems. No code platforms provide tools to configure applications in a visual builder using reusable templates, pre-built components, and drag-and-drop functionality. With no-code application development, business users are empowered to create solutions for the inefficiencies and workflow problems they encounter every day.

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Written By: Ray Waldron

Ray Waldron is an Associate Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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