How Task Management Software Addresses the Big Three: Scope, Time, and Budget

Written By: Dawn Allcot
September 13, 2012
3 min read

Project managers know the biggest factors pertaining to their project’s success are: time, budget, and scope.

In other words, a project must be completed on time, within the specified budget, and must deliver what is necessary within preconceived project constraints. Project managers need certain tools to complete this challenging art and science—and today’s task management software is designed to help.

Let’s look at the different ways task management software addresses the three key challenges of project management.


Amongst the multiple capabilities of task management software is the ability to track the time spent on a particular aspect of a project. By viewing this information, project managers can see what areas need to move more quickly, then can develop processes and procedures to streamline tasks. When a project manager sets new procedures in place, he can inform the entire team at the same time by using the online project management software to send an email, message, or alert. Information about the time it takes to complete a particular portion of a project, available online through some project management software programs, can also help employees work more efficiently.

That’s not the only way task management software helps projects go more quickly. Communication moves at the speed of the Internet when you use online project management software . No Fed Exing important documents; you can simply scan and and upload a PDF. No walking across an office to ask a question or deliver files; send a message through the task management software system. And no worrying about emails being misdirected into spam. (Don’t you hate that?)

The only downside is that employees will have no excuses for not communicating if you use the right online project management software .


With multiple ways to track income and expenses, online task management software helps you keep a handle on your project’s budget. Because you can even make changes or input expenses and income on the road—from a netbook, internet-equipped smart phone, or a laptop—you won’t forget and budget information will always be up to date.

In some cases, you can even set up your online project management software to interface with QuickBooks for complete financial record keeping.

Other applications available for task management software include an application that tracks incorrect billing issues. If you have a lot of billing errors, you’ll never know whether your project is within budget or not, or how much money you have available. Keep track, save the company money, and stay within your budget easily with online project management software .


Even the largest project can seem more manageable when you break it into smaller steps. Multiple cross-referenced spreadsheets created, accessed and managed through powerful task management software helps employees see the full scope of the project—or just their responsibilities. Set project parameters and see if team members are completing the goals on a daily basis.

Again, communication is a critical part of tracking and remaining true to the scope of a project and task management software makes it possible for employees, independent contractors and subcontractors to do so from wherever they happen to be.

Written By: Dawn Allcot
Dawn Allcot is a full-time freelance writer specializing in diverse topics that include small business marketing and social media, personal finance, parenting and pregnancy. She is a regular contributor to many magazines and blogs including HotJobs, AOL Real Estate, and Mint.com. Read more at www.allcotmedia.com.

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