How Quickbase Helps Businesses Safely and Securely Innovate  

Written By: Julie Fancher
December 13, 2019
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In the last few decades, businesses have invested tremendously to become more digitally savvy. In this digital transformation, many companies are gravitating towards low-code software platforms to lessen the burden on backlogged IT departments and instead allow those at the edge of the business to quickly build and maintain their own custom solutions.

As companies begin to empower employees outside of IT to build their own solutions, better known as citizen developers, they must confront unique security and governance challenges, specifically as it relates to access to sensitive information and having too many builders that could have a negative effect on the business.

Quickbase is one of the most trusted and popular low-code platforms in the industry because it features comprehensive software security and powerful administrative controls allowing builders to quickly create custom applications that fit their unique processes while also satisfying corporate IT policies and regulations compliance.

Here are some examples of customers from a variety of industries that have leveraged Quickbase’s technology to rapidly transform their business while maintaining security and governance.

Avant Healthcare Professionals

Avant Healthcare Professionals is a staffing specialist organization that helps healthcare facilities across the United States address a serious nursing shortage by commissioning Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) from around the world.

Commissioning and onboarding HCP’s from overseas is an increasingly complex and highly regulated process. Previously, Avant Healthcare Professionals had relied heavily on spreadsheets to track and manage recruitment, onboarding and active assignments of nurses. This process became cumbersome as the pipeline of candidates and placements quickly grew.

To scale with demand, while effectively managing data security and compliance, Avant Healthcare Professionals CFO Spence Lloyd, and his team built an enterprise resource management (ERP) solution entirely on Quickbase. It not only automates tasks and workflows, but also adjusts to constant change across such areas as immigration law, work visas, and state-by-state certifications.

“I immediately saw its potential to help us streamline and automate the massive amount of HR paperwork and logistics to onboard and oversee an exponentially rising number of program participants in a highly regulated industry,” Lloyd said.

Utilizing Quickbase helped the company easily manage the onboarding, training, certification and placement of these nurses which has helped support a 300% growth in its nursing pipeline.

CTC Transportation Insurance Services

For CTC Transportation Insurance Services efficiently tracking, managing, and accurately reporting on heavily-regulated data was nearly impossible without a custom solution. To bridge the gap between major systems, CTC needed a cohesive yet secure way to standardize, integrate, and automate data collection, storage, and processes across all departments, companies, and partner organizations.

Lucas Perea, head of IT at CTC, found that Quickbase was flexible enough for employees to create custom solutions for their problems compared to rigid out-of-the-box solutions or expensive and time-consuming traditional application development. He rallied company leaders around the idea that the low-code platform was the right choice for quickly delivering solutions that would keep the company both safe and nimble.

The benefits of Quickbase at CTC go well beyond having a cost-effective platform for quickly developing unified, productivity-boosting applications. Because CTC was able to improve the integrity of its data and processes with Quickbase, it was able to reduce overall risk—an important goal for all companies, but a critical one for insurance companies.

For example, the ability to quickly analyze merged policy data from separate systems gives underwriters the insight they need to assess the risk of a potential client. Additionally, key company information is kept highly visible on monitors in each department displaying relevant Quickbase dashboards to get the right information to the right people at the right time.


Google has faced increasingly complex compliance auditing and reporting challenges since becoming the most widely recognized search engine and one of the world’s most prominent publicly traded companies.

The company employs professional internal auditors and managers to ensure the company complies with ever-changing regulatory frameworks, like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) a 2002 federal law thatestablished auditing and financial regulations for public companies. Google’s Internal Audit group previously relied on spreadsheets to manage the complex auditing process.

“Managing document test plans, reviews, controls, and other SOX materials spanning finance and technology in Google’s governance processes was extremely difficult via single-user spreadsheets,” said Erik Jonte, IT Risk Manager for Google’s Internal Audit Group. “It was a frustrating process and not a scalable solution for what we were trying to accomplish. In fact, it required a full-time employee whose sole responsibility was to manage the compliance data alone.”

Seeking a better way to foster collaboration among internal and external auditors, Google recognized that an online hosted solution would be the best approach, but high costs, complexity, and IT headaches were major concerns. After investigating alternative solutions, Google selected Quickbase to help manage its compliance initiatives.

Jonte’s team developed a SOX application that centralized information to help address compliance management and project management. Since developing the SOX application, Jonte said Google has saved $100,000 to $200,000 and nearly 2,000 administrative manhours in one year.


ResCare, the largest private provider of services to people with disabilities, one-stop workforce contractor, and privately-owned home care company in the nation was looking for a way to streamline its application delivery process. As a healthcare company serving hundreds of thousands of patients keeping information protected and secure is crucial.

The company, which employs more than 50,000 employees, serves multiple lines of business with unique technology needs. Traditional development to meet these needs required custom coding for each new solution, which could take several months.

ResCare’s IT team found Quickbase in order to not only bridge the gap between IT and business stakeholders, but to also develop secure applications three to four times faster than traditional coding.

“The biggest benefit to us is the speed. Second would be the ease of ongoing maintenance, and our ability to quickly make the changes that people need in their applications,” says Lichtefeld.

Since the company began using Quickbase, employees from across the organization have developed hundreds of applications with built-in governance features like custom, role-based dashboards and granular permissions help safeguard data and make sure it’s only available to those who need it.

An Innovative Platform You Can Trust

These companies highlight many of the reasons why Quickbase has become a favorite among business and IT professionals alike. With the Quickbase platform’s built-in governance, security, and compliance, your IT department can also rest assured that business-critical data stays safe.

Written By: Julie Fancher

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