Get Quick Base Certified and Validate Your Value

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Dec 12, 2017
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Get Quick Base Certified and Validate Your Mastery and Value

Interested in getting recognized for the Quick Base skills you’ve mastered and boosting your career at the same time? Now you can with our new certification exams. Hear what Quick Base University’s, Peter Goldstein, has to say about this new offering.

An endorsement of your expertise

Like anything, practice makes perfect. The more you know about the Quick Base platform and its features, the more creative you can be with it, and the faster you can develop effective apps. As the manager of Instructional Design and Content Development at Quick Base, our work over the past two years has been focused on creating a comprehensive Quick Base training and best practices curriculum to help you do just that. We have a great instructor led training program and our eLearning offering is growing and improving monthly.

Now we’ve taken it one step further by offering three new certification exams: App Builder; Expert App Builder, which requires App builder certification; and a combination test that enables accomplished builders to become certified Expert App Builders.

Passing an exam will award you an accreditation that verifies your Quick Base expertise at intermediate and advanced levels. You’ll also receive certification badges that you can link on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other social media to share your success with a broader audience.


Certification opens doors

Many of our customers have relayed that they would like their app building proficiency and value as a problem solver to be validated through formal Quick Base certification. And we listened. Our Quick Base certification program gives you an additional way to promote and advance your work, your skills, and your career.

Certification through industry recognized institutions—like Quick Base University—is a growing trend that definitely has its privileges. A study by global IT professional association, CompTIA, revealed that job candidates with verifiable credentials are significantly more marketable. Not only do they win positions more frequently over other applicants, but they are also more likely to secure higher starting salaries. And once they’re employed, statistics show that they have a better chance at promotion over those without certifications.

Our own recently released State of Business Apps 2017: The Future of Problem Solving report, mirrors the CompTIA findings regarding the value of proven skills. In fact, between half to nearly three quarters of the 231 customer organizations queried at our recent EMPOWER 2017 event reported that the app building achievements of individuals brought them greater recognition. We feel that the added benefit of certification will help them further reinforce and broadcast that value, enabling them to attract even more opportunity and career advancement.

Those who are certified also tend to drive faster time-to-value to the business, as they are equipped with a known level of proficiency and can often ramp-up faster. A Quick Base certification lets hiring managers know that they are getting a problem solver who can hit the ground running.

Preparing for the exams

We know your days are busy, and we created our Quick Base University training and best practices curriculum with that in mind.  It’s light and accessible, making it easy for you to train on your own terms and time.

When you’re ready to begin, check out the Quick Base University Certification Series page to learn the curriculum specifics for each exam. I’d also like to offer a few tips and recommendations that I hope you will find helpful as you prepare for your certification exam.

  • We make studying easier. Everything you need to prepare for an exam is easily accessed through the Quick Base University. Resources include: eLearning and best practices series courses; assessments that help you decide what training to take based on your skillsets; and links to related reference materials such as online Help, blogs, and the latest release notes.
  • Learn what you need at your own pace. eLearning courses (which are free with your subscription) give you a flexible way to train. Unlike traditional curriculums, you don’t have to take the courses all at once or even in a linear fashion.
  • Need more personalized training? Purchase Live Online or Live Classroom training if you want a more interactive and customized experience.
  • Are you ready? We recommend that in addition to completing the training curriculum, you should have at least 4 to 6 months of on the job experience before taking the App Builder exam.
  • What if you’re already an experienced builder? Although it’s not required, we recommend that even seasoned builders consume at least some of the eLearning training and familiarize themselves with curriculum content before taking a certification exam.
  • Need some help? Should you have any questions or run into any rough spots, our Customer Care team is just a phone call away.
  • Connect with your peers. As you prepare for your exam, we also recommend getting to know your Quick Base community. It’s a great resource where you can learn from and share ideas with other builders.

Whether you are on the road to certification or just starting out you’ll find a wealth of information at Quick Base University that will help make you a faster and more confident app builder. If, for example, you want to learn about report building, you can zero in on just that training. You can even earn badges along the way as you gain expertise in different areas.

Next steps

So, if you’re ready to take your career to new heights and get formal recognition for your proven, problem-solving app building skills, I encourage you to register for certification today at Quick Base University. You’ll be glad you did!

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