Create the Apps of Your Dreams (Starting With These How-to Videos)

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Apr 27, 2018
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Create the Apps of Your Dreams (Starting With These How-to Videos)

Create the Apps of Your Dreams (Starting With These How-to Videos)


Learn Quick Base quickly with simple, short videos that walk you step-by-step through creating a complete app.


How do you create something beautiful and useful with a powerful, but unfamiliar, new tool?

We know you’re adventurous. And eager to use Quick Base to make your team more productive. But you wouldn’t build a backyard treehouse without having a plan and understanding of basic construction concepts. Or create that perfect triple-layer chocolate cake without a recipe, ingredients list, and knowing your way around a kitchen. A little bit of upfront knowledge goes a long way when we try something new.

Quick Base is a bit like that. You can do so many powerful, useful and creative things with it. But you need an understanding of basic concepts and tools to be really successful. Once you have these basics down, you'll be able to utilize Quick Base as the super-flexible platform it is for creating the apps of your dreams.


Introducing the Quick Base How-to video series

To help everyone and anyone get started, we recently unveiled a series of videos that take new app builders through the fundamentals of Quick Base. These videos cover everything from novice concepts like apps, tables, and records to intermediate topics like creating forms, reports, dashboards, and relationships.

The videos are short, fun to watch, and free to anyone interested in becoming a Quick Base superstar. They follow Sally, a bike shop owner, as she builds an app for her team to track customers and contacts. Each video covers a fundamental concept and then demonstrates how to put that concept to use in Quick Base. You’ll start with an app from the Quick Base Exchange and build it out as you follow along with Sally. By the end, you’ll understand and be comfortable with everything you need to create your own app. Super simple.


Introducing the Quick Base How-to video series - Acme Staple Co Example


The series is available on our site in the How-To Videos & Tutorials section of the Resources page. And very soon, they’ll also be on the My Apps page in Quick Base. They are just right for newbies to Quick Base or for someone looking for a refresher. And if you’re an experienced app creator who helps others in your organization to solve their own business needs with Quick Base apps, you’ll find that these videos are a great way to jump-start their learning.

Interested? Curious? Just can’t wait? Get started on your Quick Base learning journey right now with Part 1 – Quick Base Basics. And don't forget to tell your friends!



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