Bringing Low-Code App Building to The Next Stage

Aug 22, 2019
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Jay Jamison Presenting at Empower

As the leader of Product and Technology at Quick Base, have the unique and very fortunate opportunity to work with our team and partners to help our customers solve big problems and make material impacteach and every day.  We are constantly amazed and humbled by the unique ways customers take our platform and adapt it to their needs. This daily reminder and showcase of the power and flexibility of Quick Base drives us to continue striving to better serve and innovate for our customers.   

One key output of that effort is our product innovation roadmap.  As I described at our annual Empower user conference, our product innovation roadmap is quite strong and extensive.   

We wanted to share briefly where we are going from here.  We’ll continue making Quick Base simpler, even more trustworthy and more powerful, but let me describe more specifically our product vision and how we are evolving in this next stage. 

The next stage of our product vision is centered around four key areas: 

  • Anyone, Everywhere.  
  • People & Data Connected.  
  • Wicked Smart.  
  • Ready for Anything.  

Anyone, Everywhere

First, we’re making Quick Base fantastic for Anyone to use Everywhere. No matter who needs to be involved, where they are, what they speak or what device they use to interact, we expect Quick Base to help deliver for them. This is about how we get to globalization, how we make solving problems accessible, and how we make our product more approachable to a wider set of users and builders. This is our commitment to you to bring Quick Base to where you are today, and where you will be in the future.  

People & Data Connected

Second, we’re Connecting People & Data. Powerful solutions connect the right people, with the right data, at the right time.  No matter who or what you need to connect to and collaborate with, we expect to help you connect fast.  This is about creating the tools that enable stronger partnerships between IT and business users, as well as the rich collaboration capabilities that connect teams, people and our communities. This also applies to data. Our major investment in acquiring, Cloudpipes, a leading cloud-based integration and automation platform is a huge step forward in achieving our vision to redefine the low-code category to better meet the needs of modern businesses. 

Wicked Smart

Third, we’re making Quick Base Wicked Smart.  It will help you connect dots others don’t see and uncover buried insights.  This is about making it easier to share knowledge and drive action.  It’s about stunning visualizations that put data and insights at your fingertips.  Artificial Intelligence has a big role to play in this area and it’s an area we’re investing in heavily. 

Ready for Anything

Finally, we know you’re moving fast and so is your business. Change is constant and it’s hard to say what tomorrow will bring. We’re making Quick Base uniquely more trusted with a platform that is Ready for Anything.  This is about continuing our best-in-class security leadership and deepening our capabilities and best practices around platform governance. This is about ensuring you never have to hire someone who is a performance engineer or dev-ops specialist to manage Quick Base. We will provide a platform that is secure, performant and governable, out-of-the-box.   

We’re super excited about our vision for the next stage of our Quick Base product journey and the possibilities it creates for you to bring a culture of continuous improvement and innovation to your organization.  

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