Announcing 2018 Customer Award Finalists

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Apr 23, 2018
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2018 Quick Base Customer Awards Finalists

2018 Quick Base Customer Awards Finalists


With EMPOWER2018 right around the corner, it’s time to announce the 2018 Customer Award finalists! Individuals and companies that receive a nomination are recognized for their excellence in using Quick Base to do what matters in their organizations.  We are proud to have a community of such outstanding customers who have developed strategies and use cases that take Quick Base to completely new levels. While you're at EMPOWER, be sure to strike up a conversation with the following finalists and tap into their vast pool of Quick Base knowledge - they are fantastic resources and have proven they can utilize Quick Base to drive tremendous business impact.

We’re excited to share the following list of exceptional individuals and companies that have been selected as finalists:


The Pathfinder Award

To the organization that uses QuickBase to move the needle in new and different ways by reimagining how their business succeeds. This organization thrives on making the best decisions with the latest information, proving that faster is the new smarter.

Keith, Inc., a metal treatment services company in Houston, completely rebuilt their technology infrastructure after Hurricane Harvey, going completely paperless with Quick Base.

EMG Corporation, an engineering, planning, and project management company, which created an application called "ProTrack" to serve their clients better. The app was so successful, EMG's customers have asked to buy the app from them.

CRH Americas Material, a large construction company which has adopted Quick Base as a preferred tool for digital transformation across the entire organization, driving huge gains in speed to market and huge cost savings from reduced IT backlog.

TD Bank, a multinational bank that drives efficiency across a globally-distributed marketing team of 500 with Quick Base, tracking ROI more closely and eliminating manual errors from their processes.


The Catalyst Award

To the organization that creates a culture in which motivated people are empowered people.  These organizations smash the limitations of “who” and “how” with the power of “wherever” and “whenever.”

Blackhawk Network, a provider of digital and physical gift card systems, deploys Quick Base to transform its supply chain. The results are huge cost savings, including an estimate $2.3 million from reducing the number of expedited shipping orders they fulfill. They consistently look for new opportunities to solve thorny problems quickly with Quick Base.

Absolute Drywall, a fast-growing drywall company in Houston which was one of the first drywall companies to resume operations after Hurricane Harvey — a much needed service. Because they've invested in Quick Base as their infrastructure, losing their entire physical office meant only a temporary delay in their ability to get back to work serving the people of Houston.

Relias, a training and analytics company in the Healthcare space, has grown from just 15 employees to 670 in five years — with plans to add another 450 in 2018. This fast growth has been supported by the flexibility of Quick Base, which allows them to grow and change rapidly along with the company.



The Impact Award

To the organization that demonstrates the results of driving ideas into action for their organizations every day. These organizations show what an agile business can deliver with engaged leaders, empowered employees, and innovative ideas

PSG Dover, a leading manufacturer of pumps and flow-control systems, rolled out Quick Base at its Grand Rapids location to help keep up with a new corporate mandate to source parts from more vendors. The results were an increase from 40 preproduction approvals in 2016 to 190 in 2017. They also reduced the time required for approvals from 110 days to 11-14 days.

Whatcom Conservation District, a nonprofit that protects some of the Puget Sound's most vital shellfish harvesting locations by working with local farmers and business owners, tracking plans, programs, and results in Quick Base. The results are improvements at 84% of local water testing sites and the state's Department of Ecology award for excellence

Vumatel, an upstart fiber optic telecom in South Africa, which scaled lightning fast by centralizing its technology infrastructure on Quick Base. Quickly rolling out new territories and assimilating acquired companies has empowered Vumatel to take over the South African Fiber market.


The QuickBase Hero Award

To the person for whom innovation has become part of the job. This person empowers entire teams and businesses with the confidence and courage needed to make a real impact on their organizations and the QuickBase community.

Mohit Chawla, Accenture Operations. Mohit has driven a fundamental change in the way the training team at Accenture works. He is a tireless advocate of Quick Base, introducing Quick Base to the Operations team. He is also the all-time points leader in Quick Base Heroes!

Aylin Nazlim, THE ESTÉE LAUDER COMPANIES. As PMO Manager at Estee Lauder, Aylin has fostered an environment of "outside the box" thinking, helping others in the organization understand the power of Quick Base and building a cross-functional team to design a rock-solid management program for the platform.

Lee Gilmore, Alliant Systems. Lee has already taken Quick Base with him to three different companies, and continues to champion for purple inside his organizations and outside. He's even tried to sell it to his sister.

Forrest Parker, CRH Americas Materials. Forrest is a long-time champion of Quick Base who has used his position to serve up solutions to several internal partners and has driven internal understanding of Quick Base as a tool for digital transformation.


Don't miss the opportunity to meet these outstanding Quick Base customers, along with hundreds of Quick Base builders and users who are using Quick Base in innovative and creative ways.  Join us in Austin from June 4th-7th for EMPOWER2018! Customer award winners will be announced live on stage at Quick Base’s official after party at Stubbs.


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