Online Resource Guide to XML

World Wide Web Consortium developed Extensible Markup Language (XML) on August 16, 2006. XML is a flexible text format using a set of rules to encode documents. It was designed to transfer and save data in a simplistic usable manner over the Internet. Since the creation of the XML hundreds of XML formats have been developed. XML allows developers to create documents that can be used in Extensible Style sheet Language Transformations (XSLT) and HyperText Markup Language (HTML) format.

Guides & Tutorials

  • XML Developer’s Guide: A comprehensive tutorial that covers XML in 10 chapters.
  • Oracle XML: A developers guide to building XML applications in Oracle9i.
  • XML Tutorial: This tutorial covers the basics and demonstrates how to develop well-formed XML documents.
  • For Beginners: A tutorial for those getting familiar with XML.
  • ABCs of XML: A technical paper that explores the use of XML in libraries.
  • Getting Started: A webmaster and IT management guide to using XML and implementing XML website management.
  • Schema Definition: Use DTDs and XML language to create documents.
  • XML file: Learn how to write a XML document and use Squeak to parse it.
  • Multimedia Tutorial: Describes the strengths and weakness of using XML for documents.
  • XML & DTDs: A video tutorial that is available for download.
  • Tutorial: Learn how to create an XML document.
  • XML and Java: Get started with XML and Java using attributes to define tags.
  • XML Toolkit: A comprehensive set of tools for using XML for website management.

Reference Information & FAQs

  • XML Validator: Get your questions about XML Validator answered here.
  • Internal References: IBM shows techniques to help with internal reference vocabularies.
  • What is XML: Need to understand what XML is? This is a basic description of the markup language.
  • Extensible Markup Language: The World Wide Web Consortium provides a basic reference guide.
  • General XML: A developer's guide of answers to general questions.
  • XML FAQ: 13 frequently asked question about this markup language.
  • The XML FAQ: Tons of frequently asked questions covering all aspects of XML.
  • Standards Reference: Microsoft developer standards XML Schema definition language.
  • Reference Guides: Reference guides for using Xbean to parse XML.

Books & Magazines

  • Cover Pages: XML Magazine is an online collection of articles supporting XML and its standards.
  • XML Processing: Dr. Changqing Li and Dr. Tok Wang Ling created a book to cover intensive XML techniques. Duke University describes each chapter.
  • XML Books: A list of 387 XML books and books related to XML technology.

Online Publications

Newsgroups & Forums

  • Java & XML: Interact with developers to expand your knowledge of XML.
  • SQL XML Groups: A Microsoft newsgroup for SQL XML discussions.
  • XML Developer: A web developer’s portal to XML discussions.
  • XML-L List: Use this page to join the XML-L mailing list.
  • XML Developers Mailing List: This mailing list is still in progress, but provides resources that can provide you current news about XML.
  • Lists and Newsgroups: A list of websites that offers mailing lists and newsgroups for XML.
  • Forums: XML developer forum.