Quickbase Sees Increased Demand; Invests in Platform, Industry Expertise and More

Company shares news of significant growth, breakthroughs in new verticals and continued commitment to help businesses manage their complex projects at Empower user conference.

BOSTON – May 2, 2022Quickbase, the provider of no-code software that helps organizations see, connect and control complex projects, announced explosive growth in demand for its platform, as well as significant investments in industry solutions, new features for business users and expanded IT governance.

The announcement came during the opening keynote at Empower, the company’s annual user conference. Back in person for the first time since 2019, the hybrid conference also features a virtual event May 10–11, and is aimed at bringing the Quickbase community together to learn how to use the platform to manage their most complex projects.

Demand On The Rise

Quickbase is seeing extraordinary demand for its no-code platform, with impressive growth across platform usage and employees. Overall platform use has jumped in the last five years, up more than 233%, with a 19%year-over-year growth in the first quarter of 2022 alone. Coupled with that, existing customers are getting more out of the platform, using it almost twice as much as they were over the last few years. Finally, the company has seen a nearly 40% increase year-over-year in total employees, with even more growth across go-to-market and development teams.

With global demand for no-code platforms on the rise, Quickbase also continues to invest in its global ecosystem through expansion to the UK&I, including increasing local employee headcount outside of the U.S., establishing an EU data center, adding international support to the platform, expanding relationships with global system integrators (GSIs) and creating a partner network to support customers wherever they are based.

“Our success has made one thing even more apparent to us – as work continues to become more complicated,businesses are struggling to find ways to get visibility into and manage across all of their complex projects," said Ed Jennings, CEO of Quickbase. “No two organizations – or even two projects – are the same, and each involves different people, technology and data. Quickbase pulls everything together across these projects, creating the connective tissue that provides the critical insight organizations need across their most complex work.”

Building Deep Industry Expertise

Quickbase highlighted its continued investment in verticals with portfolios of complex projects, including construction, real estate, solar, industrial manufacturing and state/local government. Off the back of major announcements in Q1 of its industry specific offerings targeting companies in the built environment and the acquisition of MCF Technology Solutions, the company announced a connector for Autodeskis now in open beta, adding to the Procore channel released earlier this year, with other connectors supporting target verticals expected to be launched later this year. Upcoming enhancements expected later this year include: Gantt Project Scheduler, which lets project managers visually create and manage schedules that can be embedded directly into their workflows, reports and dashboards; and Intelligent Document Generation, which lets team members easily create invoices, statements of work and other documents directly from their apps.

“Companies in the built environment are quite literally building the world around us, and that comes with unique, complicated and often expensive problems that require tight orchestration to effectively manage,” said Anthony Chiaradonna, CIO at Consigli Construction. “Oftentimes, the technology we have is incomplete, and gathering information across projects can be incredibly challenging. Quickbase plays a critical role in not only helping to connect the dots and make sense of all the data that comes with each unique project, but it also allows us to create applications tailored to each unique project and ensure the right people have access to the right information at the right time.”

Empowering The Business Innovator

Quickbase is committed to empowering business innovators to easily create, integrate and customize apps to meet their needs. The company is investing in its technology and services to better support the overall experience.

This includes a new visual forms builder that makes form creation fast and easy, while also creating a more intuitive, simplified experience for end users inputting data into the forms. Improvements to the Quickbase report builder, including immediately available improvements to Kanbanfunctionality, make it easier for users to create the reports they need, when they need them. Additional investments are also being made into Quickbase Pipelines throughout 2022 to help business users easily make connections across their different systems. And finally, there is also work underway to create richer, more functional mobile app experiences, as well as predictive app building that enables a wider range of business innovators to solve complex problems at scale.

Enterprise-Grade Governance

While the business innovator is crucial for building the tools to solve key organizational challenges, it cannot be done in the absence of a safe, secure and well-governed environment. Quickbase is continuing to invest in strengthening business-IT collaboration, and improving overall governance and security.

Enhancements being rolled out include: new performance insight capabilities that provide platform administrators and builders real-time guidance on improving performance across their application ecosystems; a new advanced security pack that gives IT more centralized and granular control over who can do what in applications; and new support for Microsoft Azure Key Management, allowing Microsoft customers greater control over the encryption and privacy of their data stored in Quickbase. Additionally, investment is being made into application lifecycle management (ALM) capabilities to allow both IT and business users to better monitor, manage and control changes made to business critical applications living on the platform.

“For more than 20 years, Quickbase has been empowering business users to drive innovation and create digital solutions to confront their challenges head on," said Jennings. “The power of our no-code technology is in engaging those business users, enabling them to build the custom tools they need to solve unique and complex problems. Empowering these business innovators is in our DNA, and is something we continue to invest in.”

The hybrid Empower event continues through next week, with the virtual component taking place May 10–11. Sign up for the free event here: https://www.quickbase.com/empower.