Simplify complex projects with Quickbase Gantt software

Empower your teams to move faster, make smarter business decisions, and confidently run complex projects from day one to delivery. 

A screenshot of the Quickbase Gantt chart
While other platforms can provide Gantt functionality “out of the box,” they have limited capabilities for customization. Quickbase provides an enormous amount of flexibility in building out exactly what fits our business need.
Carlie Maheurin
Project Manager, Suneast

Unify & automate your workflows

Quickbase as a dynamic workflow platform allows you to create and connect custom apps and workflows. This means that with Gantt you can build and manage your most complex projects, suited to your exact business requirements.

A screenshot of the project & deliverables list within the Quickbase Gantt software

Gantt + Notifications

Gantt in combination with email notifications powers project managers to save time notifying stakeholders and task owners every time timelines have shifted ensuring everyone stays on track and hits deadlines.
A screenshot of the Quickbase Gantt chart with What-if analysis turned on

Gantt + Pipelines

Gantt in combination with Pipelines automates workflows, saving time and improving consistency through reducing manual, repetitive tasks.
A screenshot of a split screen of the Quickbase Gantt chart and the list of deliverables

Gantt + Custom Fields and Tables

Gantt in combination with custom tables and fields enables you to build and use Gantt with your application-specific requirements.
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A screenshot of the Quickbase Gantt chart with What-If views

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Learn more about Quickbase’s new Gantt capabilities like:

  • A holistic view of your most complex projects.
  • A drag-and-drop interface, so you can easily adjust your project’s delivery timeline.
  • A critical path feature, supporting What-If Analysis, that allows you to adapt to changing plans without delaying timelines or disconnecting data.

Better insights lead to better decisions.

Stay in control of your projects with much more efficiency and accuracy, especially in fast-paced, dynamic environments.

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Centralize projects & track data  

Visualize details and critical insights about your project delivery (such as tasks, subtasks, dependencies, milestones, and assignees) all accessible in one centralized location
An icon representing drag & drop capabilities

Drag & drop tasks

Dynamically adapt to shifting business requirements by dragging dates, timelines, tasks and more
An icon of a Gantt chart

Manage dependencies

Support all your task dependencies, including start-to-start, start-to-finish, finish-to-start, and finish-to-finish
An icon representing adjustments to a Gantt chart

Conduct What-If analysis

Easily toggle to see your critical path to prioritize trade-offs and manage dependencies, allowing you to be adaptive and make smarter decisions
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Notify your stakeholders

Keep your team on track by notifying stakeholders and task owners of ongoing changes to timelines and the project plan
An icon representing Gantt dependencies

Monitor project baselines

Visualize delivery timelines to see how key dates have shifted
An icon of a digital portfolio dashboard

Personalize portfolio dashboards

Create comprehensive views of your project portfolio and give visibility into your organization’s KPIs. This includes many visualization options: pie and bar charts, calendars, maps, and Kanban boards
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Trigger automated workflows

Initiate multi-step workflows based on changes made from the Gantt view. Dozens of integrations are available to support these workflows (Salesforce, Procore, Box, Jira and more)