Enhance the work experience with employee training management software

Create personalized training management software with Quickbase to access, maintain and manage your training data in one central and secure location.

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During the Quickbase training, everything really clicked and I had a working app within a few days.
Jennifer Griffith
Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, Texas A&M University
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Simplify the employee training process

Employee training management software helps you to monitor progress and centralize employee data, so you can provide the best experience for employees as they navigate training — all in a secure database that protects their PII.

It allows you to easily track and manage onboarding & off-boarding activities, changes across the organization, and internal moves across departments, managers, and employees.

Monitor employee progress with personalized reports

Employee training management software allows you to see detailed, personalized reports for each person going through training — without the work that typically comes with report building. With Quickbase, building reports is simple, scalable, and iterable, so your team doesn't have to duplicate work to get the answers they need.

Beyond reports, custom dashboards allow you to easily analyze data and trends, manage employee engagement & productivity, and be a reliable resource for your organization.


Improve your employee training processes with Quickbase

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Get instant visibility into training progress

Connect people to the right training groups


Maintain security with role-based permissions

Frequently asked questions

At Quickbase, we believe that anyone can be a developer as long as they are empowered with the right software. In order to create custom training management software in Quickbase, you can start with a pre-built app or build a custom app from scratch by starting a free 30-day trial - no coding required.

Watch this video demo to learn more about building apps in Quickbase and get started creating a custom employee training tracker today!

Quickbase is committed to keeping your employee PII safe. From powerful administrative controls like IP filtering, single sign-on, two-step authentication to advanced data encryption and strict security standards, Quickbase has your data covered.

Learn more about how Quickbase keeps your data safe with enterprise-grade governance features, integrations, and security and see why Quickbase was named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers Q2 2019.

Your apps will likely have a variety of users who require different levels of access to your information. Whether you create custom employee training tracking software with Quickbase or start with a pre-built app, you can set permissions for all aspects of your applications to control what’s private or shared. You are not confined to a specific set of rules and permissions, but you can define exactly the right permissions to fit your unique business and training workflows.

Quickbase gives you full control over who can see and edit data, allowing you to set granular permissions at the field or query level—without help from IT. And when you do share, you can rest easy knowing that your employee data is secure.

For example, you can easily schedule and assign training and allow access based on job titles, roles, groups, departments or locations.

  • Get started quickly with pre-built roles like viewers, participants and administrators.
  • Create custom roles and use test settings to see your app as another role.
  • Create user groups for managing specific teams and departments.

See help documentation for more details on roles, configuring permissions for a role, and more.

Centralize all training initiatives:

  • Consolidate disparate systems and keep all your training data in one place in a powerful training management database. Organize everything your team needs—like compliance, certifications, qualifications and licensing data—in a central repository.
  • Bring data from other apps and sync data automatically with just a few clicks from a secure, web-based platform and training management database that you can access from anywhere.
  • Employees, instructors, administrators, partners, and contractors can access and share from a single source in the cloud. With granular permissions, it’s up to you who can view or make changes to maintain records of attendance, training completion, cancellations, credits, scores and more.

Ensure that everyone is getting quality training:

  • Easily create training agendas for each event, specify course requirements, upload materials, set assignments, and more.
  • Automate workflows for your teachers, trainers, and team members by triggering updates and actions.
  • Set up alerts and reminders for incomplete or overdue training modules, pending deadlines, and upcoming tasks and enrollments.

Monitor training progress and achievements with real-time insights:

  • Get full visibility—whether it’s an individual’s training performance or the effectiveness of your entire training program.
  • Create custom dashboards and reports that give you the insight you need for timely and effective training.
  • With Quickbase's employee training tracking software, you can quickly identify what kind of training an individual or group requires, and when.
  • See in detail the value of a specific training class, course, test or instructor.