Right-sized governance.

Map levels of governance for apps to their value and users’ needs with highly configurable controls.

Fine-grained no-code permissions.

Enable app builders and admins to exert granular control over who sees what information. With no-code, highly configurable permissions, you can shape workflows of where information goes and who sees it, down to the field- and query-level. You can even test as another role or specific user in your app to check everything is setup exactly the way you want. 

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Ready-to-use default user roles.

Get apps up and running faster, especially less critical apps that require less governance. Upon creating an app, there are predefined roles that can be immediately utilized and customized as needed.

User groups.

Help app managers save time with groups, which assign a role to an entire set of users. Whatever permissions or restrictions come with the role then apply to each member within the group.

IP filtering and SSO.

Control access to apps using the platform's IP filtering capabilities. Users must be in specific locations or use VPN credentials to get access to your Quick Base apps. App builders can also streamline governance by externally authenticating users with your corporate directory using Single Sign-On (SAML or LDAP). 

Security Features

Two-step authentication.

Add an extra layer of security to ensure that your Quick Base data is protected even if a user's password is compromised. With two-step authentication, a user's identity is verified using their email address, password and a verification code of six alphanumeric characters. This one-time code is emailed to the user and it must be entered to successfully login.

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Audit logs.

Keeping track of all your user data has never been easier. With Quick Base, you can quickly view all user activities, data changes and schema changes. Our audit logs give you greater visibility into your users and apps, ensuring you maintain your security standards and compliance policies. And it's up to you how long the logs get stored. Choose to store audit logs for 6 months or 1, 3 or 7 years.

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    Custom password policies.

    Ensure passwords adhere to your rigorous governance standards. Carry over your organization's unique password policies to your Quick Base apps, including minimum length, requiring mixed case, password expiration, and size of password storing.

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