Right-sized Application Governance

You're in control. Quickbase provides highly configurable user management capabilities.

Roles and permissions

App builders and administrators have full control over who sees what information stored in Quickbase. Use predefined roles or create custom roles and tailor permissions and the user interface by role, down to the field-level.

Audit logs

Ensure your security standards and compliance policies are upheld. Quickbase logs and provides audit reporting for users’ activities and data and schema changes. Choose to store audit logs for 6 months or 1, 3 or 7 years.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) - Sandbox

Application developers, business stakeholders and IT teams can collaborate and implement change management controls for regulated or complex business mission-critical apps. Develop, change and verify applications in a controlled and protected environment, before releasing them to the larger user base.

IP filtering and SSO

With IP filtering, you can require users be in specific locations or use VPN credentials to access your Quickbase apps. App builders can also authenticate users with your corporate directory using Single Sign-On (SAML or LDAP).

Learn More about Security

    Integration with identity management systems

    Simplify user provisioning by synchronizing access to Quickbase from central identity management systems such as Okta and OneLogin. You can also connect to other identity providers using our documented SCIM APIs.

    Two-step authentication

    Add an extra layer of security to ensure that your data is protected even if a user's password is compromised by requiring a verification code in addition to a password at login.

    Custom password policies

    Carry over your organization's unique password strength requirements to your Quickbase apps and ensure passwords adhere to your rigorous standards.