Quickbase for healthcare operations management software

Quickbase provides real-time visibility into your workflow and operations, keeps data secure to ensure compliance and allows you to create custom solutions to fit your unique processes.

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We needed a tool set that would drive us through a structured process and simplify the input level, and Quickbase gave us that.
Marc Rahimzadeh
President and CEO, Diversakore

Exceed your patients' expectations

Stay HIPAA compliant

Maintaining security and compliance is difficult when your team is handling sensitive operations over email or working in ever-growing spreadsheets. With healthcare management software, all of that information stays protected in one place. Quickbase is HIPAA certified, so you can focus on your patients.

Streamline your processes

Get real-time visibility and access into the operations and management of your healthcare organization with reports and dashboards. Drill down into the operations of each network or hospital to provide a reliable, high-quality patient experience.

Stay focused on patients

Spreadsheets and manual processes are distractions from the real task at hand — healthcare. Quickbase allows you to consolidate data and processes in a centralized and secure location to connect and track data across networks and stay compliant.

Answer any question, instantly

Act fast with real-time data access to protect profitability and mitigate risks. Use these insights to optimize your processes for compliance, risk, and efficient execution.

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How does it work?

Our no-code platform lets you easily create, connect, and customize enterprise applications that fix visibility and workflow gaps without replacing a single system.
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Frequently asked questions

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) is a United States law that applies to companies and other entities involved in the healthcare industry that may have access to patient information (called “Protected Health Information”, or “PHI”).

Quickbase abides by the HIPAA Security and Privacy rules in our operation of the Quickbase platform. Quick Base performs an annual HIPAA Attestation as part of our annual SOC examinations conducted by a 3rd party audit firm which validates Quickbase controls meet or exceed the requirements.

Quickbase enables its customers to build HIPAA-compliant applications. Quickbase's Customers are responsible for determining if they are a Covered Entity or Business Associate under HIPAA (and whether a business associate agreement with Quickbase is required) and for ensuring that it uses Quickbase in compliance with HIPAA. Customers who store or process Protected Health Information must sign a business associate agreement with Quickbase. Quickbase will sign BAAs with our customers on annual or multi-year contracts.

Quickbase Pipelines empowers businesses to manage people and data, report and gain insight, orchestrate workflow, and integrate systems within one unified platform. Pipelines are made up of the following:

  • Pipeline: the overall workflow that is defined and automated by builders
  • Channel: a third-party service or built-in function used to configure a Pipeline
  • Step: the individual building blocks of business logic within a Pipeline

Pipelines can be built with an intuitive, drag-and-drop visual builder, which makes it easy for citizen developers or business builders to create more complex integrations and orchestrate automated workflow even faster on their own or in partnership with IT.

Quickbase includes robust administrative controls to ensure compliance with your organization’s IT policies. Quickbase’s governance tools enable you to manage users, roles, and permissions to ensure data integrity and security. Quickly view, filter, sort, search, or export all users within an account. Make instant changes to groups or individual users when needed. Other governance features that allow you to protect your data and secure access: IP Filtering, Single Sign-On, Two-step Authentication.