Unlocking Your Quickbase Success: A Guide to Governance and Centers of Excellence

If your goals for 2024 include establishing application governance to manage and audit the lifecycles of applications, then you do not want to miss this webinar. In this session, Esther LaVielle and Manny De La Cruz will highlight best practices that simplify application governance, ensuring continuous business innovation in a safe, secure, and sustainable manner. Quickbase's flexible governance model aligns with stringent IT policies related to compliance, privacy, and control, while enabling no-code development and solution creation throughout the business. The session covers essential topics such as: Understanding the importance of application governance. Implementing best practices for governance policies. Empowering employees to innovate while safeguarding enterprise data through a secure, flexible no-code governance model managed by IT. Attendees will gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to enhance their governance practices and maximize the potential of the Quickbase platform. This webinar is ideal for IT professionals, business leaders, and individuals involved in application development and management.