Spend Your IT Dollars Wisely: Avoiding the Trap of 'Good Enough' Productivity in Work Management

After a year of slow investment and technology buying depression, 2024 is poised to be a return to spending, thanks to AI. Yet that enthusiasm comes with a note of caution, as one of AI's prime targets - workplace productivity - continues to lag. ThatÃ"ÇÖs a big problem, and we have the data to really dig into where to look for solutions. Join our upcoming webinar, "Spend Your IT Dollars Wisely: Avoiding the Trap of 'Good Enough' Productivity in Work Management," as we unravel this puzzle and provide practical solutions. Organizations worldwide face a dilemma: despite increased spending on productivity-boosting software, many struggle to maintain efficient workflows. With AI, those solutions could be turbo-charged, freeing up employees to focus on higher-value work. But that can be a trap - more investment in software and AI doesn't always equate to better productivity. At least not at the start. Using findings from our latest research on "Gray Work" and our exclusive Gray Work Index, we'll explore the growing divide between meaningful tasks and mind-numbing routines that slow us down. We'll examine the chaos of too many tools, fragmented systems, and resulting redundant tasks that define modern business operations. And we'll give you tips on where to look first to identify and fix the processes, workflows and tools slowing us down and keeping us away from the work that actually drives innovation, revenue and growth. This webinar will highlight: â"¬Ã€ The shocking high amount of time professionals spend on substantive work, highlighting the need for automation and improved collaboration. â"¬Ã€ The downsides of tool overload, where most feel overwhelmed by the daily software demands. â"¬Ã€ The integration challenges and data silos complicating this situation, emphasizing the need for consolidation and streamlined communication and sharing tools. â"¬Ã€ Lastly, we'll address the larger concerns around governance that hinder productivity, especially AI's impact on data security, and how to turn governance into a competitive edge. Join us as we challenge the status quo and revolutionize work management practices to close the productivity gap. Register today!