Skanska's Streamlined Approach to Supply Chain Management

In todayÃ"ÇÖs challenging world, supply chain volatility is practically the norm, and in the construction industry, a schedule setback due to extended lead times can have a devastating domino effect on an entire project. ItÃ"ÇÖs more important than ever to have accurate, up-to-date information. As construction giant Skanska found in their 2024 Winter Market Trends Report, some material and equipment lead times are getting longer, requiring more coordination and advanced planning. Further, with dozens of manufacturers and suppliers to coordinate, and work in progress to track, using manual spreadsheets simply isnÃ"ÇÖt an option. Skanska was able to combine multiple data sources into one centralized place with Quickbase. Now, Skanska has a dynamic data environment and end-to-end visibility for project management. Join SkanskaÃ"ÇÖs Director of Strategic Supply Chain, Rob Cantando, and Quickbase Solutions Consultant, Peter Rifken, to discuss how actionable insights gained through Quickbase help mitigate supply chain uncertainty and keep projects on schedule. Join this free webinar to learn: Why it is critical for construction companies to manage their data and manage it well How centralized collaboration with manufacturers keeps data accurate and accessible How Skanska chose Quickbase and developed a business-critical application to manage its supply chain DonÃ"ÇÖt miss your chance to hear these industry experts Ã"Çô sign up today!