Modernize Your Supplier Management Strategy

A person wearing headphones sits at a desk in front of a computer screen showing many participants in an online meeting.

"Supplier Management" is a phrase that encompasses many others: onboarding, contracting, score carding, ordering, and more. This complexity can make visibility — and adaptability — a challenge for those in sourcing or procurement. How does an organization unite all of this information? Not to mention, how does one digitize these processes while allowing for flexibility if something changes? According to Deloitte's latest procurement survey, flexible automation tools are solving this. In fact, today's procurement leaders are two times more likely to use these tools in operations like supplier management. But what are flexible automation tools? How are they being applied? Join us live September 9th for answers to these questions. Quickbase's Shannon Brady and Mike Weinstein will discuss how large organizations with complex supplier management processes are uniting all that information in one place. They'll also shed some light on flexible automation tools, like no-code platforms, and how these tools can keep your supplier management processes adaptable. Register today and learn how your org can modernize supplier management for enhanced visibility and risk mitigation.