March & April - Feature Focus

A person wearing headphones sits at a desk in front of a computer screen showing many participants in an online meeting.

Join Customer Success Managers Manny De La Cruz and Kiko Anzoategui as they focus on our hottest features and highlight some releases from March and April. Manny and Kiko will focus on: Formula Queries: Being one of the most powerful features released recently, these open the door for many creative and powerful approaches to almost every use case Copy Records Step: One of PipelineÆs newest additions - the copy record step will allow us to streamline templating in Pipeline, amongst other use cases! Pipelines Upgrade: Pipelines has been continuously updated to help increase its speed and responsiveness. Happy to say that in recent updates, Pipelines now fire5x faster! Empower 2023: We will be reviewing exciting details about Empower 2023 Get those questions ready Ã" Manny, Kiko, and members of our Product Team will be taking Q&A throughout. *content subject to change