Boost Work Efficiency

A person wearing headphones sits at a desk in front of a computer screen showing many participants in an online meeting.

Don't let complex projects control you. Is your team working with tight margins, sensitive deadlines, and rigid or disconnected data? Are you coordinating across your departments and even outside your company? Sounds like you've got the recipe for a complex project. When projects become more complex, it can start to feel like you're losing control. Learn how you can bring our Smart Builder and Gantt capabilities to your apps to keep your projects on track and on budget. In this webinar you will learn how Smart Builder and Gantt can join the Quickbase capabilities you already rely on to simplify your work. With Smart Builder, AI-assisted table and field suggestions will be ready for you the next time you build or update an app. New and experienced builders alike can gain new confidence and inspiration as they build. Then we will introduce you to Gantt, a new capability that will help you visualize and control your large-scope projects. Before you know it your team could be using the drag-and-drop interface to track projects, all tied into the customized and automated workflows you know. Our goal is to leave you with a new perspective on how you can boost your workplace efficiency, don't miss out! We will also have time for questions at the end of the webinar. *content subject to change