Bolstering Quality Management with Workflow Automation

A person wearing headphones sits at a desk in front of a computer screen showing many participants in an online meeting.

The systems quality professionals rely on to manage their critical processes often are rigid, rely on manual processes, and lack the ability to make insights actionable in real-time. In short, they directly oppose the goal of quality managers to continually improve process and correct any actions leading to waste. Workflow software supports quality professionals by facilitating continuous improvement, surfacing real-time insights into operations, and creating a single source of truth for all quality-related data. These platforms also enable quality professionals to take an active role in building custom solutions based on their own unique needs. Join Quickbase for a discussion on how workflow automation platforms address the shortcomings of manual processes in quality management and learn strategies for adopting this technology in your own practice. You will learn: - What is workflow automation - How workflow automation addresses the current state of quality management - Real-world applications of workflow automation in quality practices - Strategies for adopting automation in your organization