Approachable Connections - Part 3 of Our Series, Approachable Governance in the Enterprise

More people, more projects, more data? No problem.​ Your apps are already powered by your business data and you have already begun to discover how quickly business teams can uncover new insights and accelerate their workflow when fueled by the data that drives your business. Knowing where to find all that data and how to get it all in one place to gain actionable insights can feel like a daunting task. With Quickbase connectors unlocking greater insight doesnÆt have to mean spending valuable time tracking down and compiling data from disconnected systems. In this webinar, we will introduce you to how we empower business teams to close the information gaps commonly seen in complex projects with the power of our connectors. Learn how Pipelines and our API can enable you to combine data from key systems for a comprehensive view of whatÆs going on while removing manual work. You will leave this webinar with a new understanding of how your users can feed data from enterprise business systems all in one place securely and our connections workbook to help you map out where your important data lives.