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Status Co. vs. Quickbase? There’s no contest.

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Status Co. vs. Quickbase

Sure, Quickbase brings all your work together, gets rid of Gray Work, and uses AI and automation to make it easy for you to get work done, but “Status Co.” is good enough, and changing nothing is kind of everything, right?

Take a look at our handy-dandy comparison chart and see all the different ways Status Co. keeps you exactly where you've always been.

Status Co.QuickbaseQuickbase value
Gets rid of Gray Work by eliminating paper and spreadsheet dependency
Not included
Not included
Scale even your most complex projects
Not included
Not included
Build and deploy custom solutions across your organization
Not included
Not included
Establish role-based admins and governance so the people see the right information at the right time
Not included
Not included
Enables status updates from your teams and lets you solve problems in real time with mobile capabilities
Not included
Not included
Offers a unified platform to effectively manage dynamic work so you can move faster, easier
Not included
Not included

Let's get real!

Status Co. is a fake company that represents the very real problems that come with work management solutions that overpromise and underdeliver. You know the ones: the CEOs like to talk A LOT about innovation, but they never build it into their processes. And with zero flexibility or scalability, you become stuck in the “status quo” dealing with pain points like:

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Unreliable and outdated data that is stored in too many places makes it impossible for your teams to make any real impact.
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Not being prepared or equipped for change puts your business at risk of falling behind the competition and losing out on new talent. Especially in industries like construction and manufacturing where there are more workers retiring than being hired.
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Lacking focus for work that drives value because you’re too busy with Gray Work: the repetitive, ad-hoc, and manual tasks caused by outdated technology and systems.
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Inability to keep up with the pace of modern demands or constantly changing regulations, leaving you in a constant state of fear over safety concerns, fines, and an insurmountable loss of productivity.

54% of workers surveyed in the United States and United Kingdom say that it’s harder than ever to be productive in their day-to-day work.

Read our full Gray Work Index report to get a real idea for how bad a problem this could be for your business.

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Do you need to solve real problems in your organization?

Quickbase is the real solution you’re looking for. It’s a work management platform that brings all your people, processes, and data together in a centralized place. With Quickbase, you can build the exact apps you need to solve your unique problems in minutes. And with AI and automation integration, all your work can stay on track to hit even the hardest deadlines.

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