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Bridging digital divides and closing the opportunity gap in tech

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Social Impact at Quickbase

Here at Quickbase, we have a vision of becoming the most inclusive company in software. That vision starts with our employees, ensuring that we are attracting and developing top diverse talent, and extends to our community. Giving back to our community is a significant thread within the fabric of our company and is tied directly to our Diversity and Inclusion objectives. The Quickbase low code application development platform offers an accessible entry point to the tech space that has been traditionally dominated by engineers and coders. As we work to realize our vision, our social impact strategy leverages Quickbase products and services to bridge the digital divide.

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Quickbase Bridges: the Cornerstone of our Social Impact Initiatives

Quickbase Bridges is the cornerstone of our Social Impact Initiatives and is aligned to our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. The program provides free access to the Quickbase platform, training, and support to minority owned/run small businesses and nonprofit organizations focused on serving traditionally under-resourced communities.

Alongside Quickbase volunteers, Bridges partners will build operational agility and capacity to work more efficiently. See some of our use cases here.

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Helping minority-owned organizations to build capacity and thrive

The name Bridges is a nod to our efforts to bridge the digital divide and close the opportunity gap in tech and builds off of the work started by Quickbase in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While our earlier initiatives focused on supporting frontline workers and organizations, it became clear that the pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on communities of color:

Healthcare – People of color suffered higher infection rates of COVID-19 and a disproportionate number of COVID-19-related deaths

Education – children in low-income areas fell further behind in school due to a lack of resources

Economics – Black Americans suffered higher unemployment rates, small businesses faced greater barriers in accessing loans, and by just April of 2020, just a few months into the pandemic, 41% of Black-owned businesses had permanently shuttered their doors (compared to only 17% of white-owned businesses)

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The Quickbase Bridges Initiative aims to:

  1. Address the opportunity gap in tech by utilizing our low-code platform to create an entry point to technology in order to remove some of the barriers that have kept under-represented communities out of careers in STEM.​
  2. Build capacity for small minority-owned/run businesses and nonprofits who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.
  3. Businesses and nonprofit organizations that serve traditionally under-resourced communities.

For those organizations who qualify for the Quickbase Bridges program, they will be given access to the Quickbase Platform for 12 months, for up to 40 users, along with Quickbase employee volunteer support to ensure their success in leveraging the Quickbase Platform for their organizational needs.

If you are part of a minority- owned business or founded/run nonprofit organization and/or supporting under-resourced communities, please fill out our qualification form.

Once the qualification form is received, we will work your organization to evaluate if Quickbase Bridges is the right fit!

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Please fill out this form to formally apply to the Quickbase Bridges Program. The information provided will help to qualify your organization's eligibility in the program. Should your application be accepted, this information will be used during the account creation process.