Quick Base Overview

Quick Base is the best way to manage data and automate processes, so you can accomplish more.

What is Quick Base?

  • An award-winning, no-code application development platform
  • A tool that empowers business users to quickly create their own custom software to improve daily operations and get things done faster
  • Teams of all types use Quick Base to easily manage assets and information, automate manual processes and improve reporting
  • More powerful than spreadsheets, and more flexible and easier to use than heavy, off-the-shelf software, Quick Base is fast, flexible and IT-approved 

Why Quick Base?

It’s simply a smarter way to work. Businesses of all sizes realize big time savings and reduced costs after implementing Quick Base. Our software streamlines your processes and makes your work day easier.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Accomplish more with less effort thanks to process time savings.

  • Centralize Your Information

    Connect disparate systems and access your data from one central place.

  • Close More Deals

    Reduce time-to-delivery and earn incremental bottom line value.

  • Liberate IT Resources

    Free up IT developers by democratizing development.

  • End the Multi-tool Chaos

    Reduce IT sprawl by eliminating redundant solutions.

  • Keep Teams in Harmony

    Keep everyone on the same page and executing in lockstep.

How It Works


Decide if you want to build your application yourself or get help from our experienced partners.


Visualize the flow of the information you want to track or manage and how it relates.


Create a custom application using logic rules and point and click – no coding experience is required.


Enjoy streamlined processes, time savings and the freedom to iterate easily.

How Quick Base Helps

So what, exactly, can you do with Quick Base? Among other things…

  • Service Requests

    Give customers what they want – five-star service and quick resolutions to their issues.

  • Order Management

    Consolidate orders from different sales channels and fulfillment locations for on-time delivery.

  • CRM & Sales Management

    Configure your CRM to work the way you do. Track your pipeline and close more deals faster.

  • Project Management

    Turn strategy into a project plan, break down the work, and stay on top of progress.

  • Document Management

    Create order out of chaos. Store the files flying around your office ecosystem in a central place.

  • HR/Employee Management

    Manage and engage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retire in one seamless system.

  • Process Management

    Stop using spreadsheets and email. Streamline your workflows and automate manual tasks.

  • Financial Management

    Achieve new levels of financial efficiency and real-time visibility into your business’ performance.

  • target

    Asset & Inventory Management

    Gain visibility of the assets you have, where they are, and who uses them – throughout their life cycles.

  • Contact Management

    Store all your business contacts in one place and keep track of your communications.

  • helmet

    Field Service

    Equip your remote workers with mobile apps and capture field data from anywhere.

Learn More About Use Cases

Wondering if Quick Base is right for you?

We can help. Tell us a bit about your business and process and let us make a recommendation.

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Build fast —without having to rely on developers

Quick Base empowers users of all technical backgrounds – marketers, project managers, help desk representatives, business analysts, etc. – to build their own custom software to solve their unique business needs. Create applications using logic rules and point and click – no coding or development skills required.

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    More Reasons to Love Quick Base

    • Fast

      Deliver applications 80% faster without coding.

    • Flexible

      Configure solutions just the way you want.

    • Enterprise-grade

      Our platform is secure, scalable and compliant.

    The low-down on no and low-code

    What is no/low-code?

    The terms “no-code” and “low-code” are becoming increasingly popular. Low-code tools are designed for professional developers, whereas no-code tools enable business and process owners, who are closest to the problem that needs solving, to build a solution themselves. Both types of tools are disrupting the way we do businesses by dramatically reducing the time it takes to build applications.

    Are all no-code tools the same?

    No-code tools differ when it comes to their power and versatility. Some are designed to solve a single niche problem. These “point solutions” are limited in terms of their flexibility and applicability. Quick Base on the other hand is a no-code “platform” and can be used by industries and teams of all types to solve a wide variety of business challenges. And, Quick Base is extensible and scalable enough to grow and adapt with your business. 

    Quick Base Awards

    We have great software, but don’t take our word for it. See what the experts say.

    A leader in Forrester's New Wave™ for Low-Code Development Platforms.
    Top rated by enterprises for low code software.
    A top 25 B2B tech company in the Boston area.