Watkyn LLC is a Quickbase Solution Provider based in Miami, Florida. We develop all kinds of custom mobile, web, and desktop software for clients, but as a Quickbase partner, nearly all of our work touches on Quickbase in some way or another. We build, maintain, extend, and troubleshoot apps and provide e-mail, phone, and IM support through Slack or Trillian on demand. We've earned our reputation for services and qualities like these: * Sound Database Architecture. Building an app with Quickbase is easy, but it takes expertise to build an app that can meet complex reporting and integration requirements. We build apps following time-tested principles of database architecture to ensure that your app will grow with you and protect the integrity of your data. * Custom User Interfaces (UI). Clients often want to customize the Quickbase experience for their users, whether it is to create a completely new "skin" for their app or to add custom controls or widgets to Quickbase dashboards or forms. We can make your app look and feel like anything you want. * Custom Charts and Reports. Quick Base has a good portfolio of built-in charts to choose from, but sometimes our clients want a different kind of chart, or they want to customize a chart in ways that Quickbase doesn't allow natively. We will work with you to discover the best way to visualize your data and then create a chart that can be embedded in a dashboard or a form. * Integrations. We can integrate your Quickbase app with nearly any other application you use. We work with Zapier and Workato, of course, but we also create custom microservice APIs that are even more powerful and able to handle the most complex business logic. * Confidentiality and Data Privacy. Many of our clients are in regulated or highly competitive industries where the confidentiality of their proprietary data or processes is of the utmost importance. We are conscientious to follow stringent policies designed to protect the privacy of our clients' data. We are expert Quickbase developers in south Florida serving clients around the world: enterprises, small businesses, governments, and non-profits. We have helped financial institutions, manufacturers, health care providers, startups, agencies, technology companies, oil and gas companies, real estate investors and brokers, and more. Call or e-mail us now so we can begin to help you immediately.

Business Skill

  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integration with other Software
  • Training
  • Technical Support

Technical Skill

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • PHP

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Reviews for Watkyn

Fast and Wise

Phillip was so knowledgeable. He was able to make suggestions and ask questions about use cases that prevented me from making mistakes from the beginning. On top of that, he was really fast and able to explain what he was doing and teach me at the same time, which made the entire experience really rewarding. I highly recommend Watkyn for your Quickbase support!

Tony Sgroi
November 26, 2021

Contact Path, Vaccine Tracking, and everything in between

Phillip and the Watkyn team have been instrumental in helping us organize key departments and information during a time of almost constant change and uncertainty. The flexibility of the apps they have created has allowed our teams to quickly adjust according to new public health guidance, and has strengthened inter-departmental communication.

Ashley Gomel
Saint Louis University
September 20, 2021

Designed an Excellent Custom Solution on a Tight Timeframe

Watkyn and their team of developers designed an excellent custom software solution for us, which leveraged a modern tech stack, per our spec. They were able to create this complex and robust solution for us given a tight time frame and are extremely responsive when issues arise. Through all of the challenges and pressures of the project the Watkyn team remained dedicated, and ultimately we were able to achieve our goal and launch the product in the timeframe required.

Nick Wade
City of Philadelphia
April 7, 2021

Amazing Assistance

When fixing issues on our application, Phillip was so informative and helpful. If any additional assistance is needed in the future, he will be my number one go-to!

Kyra Rackers
April 2, 2021

Great experience and product

Phillip Dennis and team worked with us to really understand our needs and create a solution in a very short period of time. We went live with the app at an very busy and inconvenient time, but they were extremely attentive to addressing our needs and providing guidance and training. The end result has increased our efficiency and ability to collaborate.

Renee Jonas
Saint Louis University
March 2, 2021

QuickBase App Revisions

We were so pleased with Watkyn for providing a customized solution to a QuickBase app. Phillip Dennis and his staff, Ryan Prince, provided outstanding customer service to resolve issues for our app specifically to the creation of an attendance calendar for participants receiving services. Watkyn created a customized calendar with codes, widgets, and made sure the app was working on Mobile as well as Desktop. They made adjustments and revisions of Vue calendar components, Vue and Vue-cli docs, Upsert query, set up a deploy script, and provided regular updates and screen shots on the project status. Phillip even provided solutions and fixes to problems that were unrelated to our requests. They saw a need and implemented the solutions quickly. He donated his time and effort to made this project a success and we are so grateful, especially the end users. Watkyn is an expert with QuickBase app development, creation, and deployment.

Kimblyn Snyder
July 6, 2020

Excellent in every way

The team at Watkyn have been fantastic. Delivered my project exactly to my specifications. Highly recommended and I will continue to use in the future. Watkyn delivered some complex API integrations for us expanding the power of Quickbase.

Robert Bryer
The Good Estate Agent
July 1, 2020

Expert Services

Watkyn has done an incredible job thus far with the development of both native QuickBase functions as well as an API for a third party database used for the tracking and tracing of Railcars throughout North America. I highly recommend them for any group looking to develop an efficient and user friendly QuickBase application.

Nick Borders
Naples Network Services
March 4, 2020



March 4, 2020

Great Partner

Phillip and his team at Watkyn have been a great strategic partner leading the success of our company. Always receptive and caring about the ideas presented, they work to find solutions and develop them. Could not be more happy then to work with Watkyn.

Principle Energy LLC
December 28, 2018

Smart and Invested

Phillip and his team are not only smart but also care about the overall goal and vision of the company. Phillip provides valuable high-level input above and beyond the details of development. He is a pleasure to work with.

Principle Energy LLC
November 26, 2018

Exceptional Customer Service

We contracted Watkyn LLC after inheriting an application built by someone who was no longer with the company. Phillip and his team stepped in quickly to provide technical support and a helping hand to get the application functional again. We worked through all the kinks and issues over the past year with exceptional customer service. Nothing was too big for Phillip and his team to take on. We could not have maintained our application properly without their continued support!

Isabel Andrews
Capital Impact Partners
November 14, 2018

One of top Quick Base developers!

I've worked with Watkyn and Phillip Dennis quite extensively over the past year and have nothing but great things to share. The interaction with the team has been consistent and they do a great job of keeping me updated on progress. In addition, whenever my clients have needs that go above and beyond the capabilities of native Quick Base, Phillip has always been able to offer alternate strategies that keep my budget and time in mind. I look forward to working with them again.

Niraj Shah
Niraj S Shah, LLC
November 14, 2018


I had the pleasure of working with Watkyn for a little over a year. Watkyn played a very important role to develop a streamlined process for Green Room to manage projects. Prior to partnering with Watkyn to develop an application within Quick Base, Green Room was using a number of spreadsheets to compile data, calculating rates to bill clients, and had no central storage for managing projects. Our company was basically doing everything manually and did not have a central place to store all project management data. With Watkyn's help, Green Room was able to implement a project management software within Quick Base that made it easy to track billable time to clients, utilization for employees, invoice clients, submit expense reports, and easily reconcile our general ledger to the project data. Watkyn helped create a smooth work pattern for the entire Green Room company that is still being used today. They also helped to automate many of the tasks that were previously being done manually. Waykyn's staff has an in depth knowledge of the Quick Base application and how to integrate data management with the latest technology being used within Quick Base. I would highly recommend Watkyn for work within Quick Base because their attention to detail and passion for what they do has made the lives of many Green Room employees easier, especially the project managers and accounting team. -John Callandrello Controller, Green Room Communications

John Callandrello
Green Room Communications
November 13, 2018

Working with Phillip Dennis on a Quick Base probject

I worked with Phillip Dennis on a Quick Base project at a prior company that I worked at. The project was based on complex theories relating to the valuation of producing Oil & Gas Leasehold assets. Phillip was able to quickly comprehend the scope/nature of the project, quickly was able learn and adopt industry terminology, and was able to meaningfully contribute toward the project. He was very responsive to feedback and kept us in the loop throughout the process. By the end of our initial project, Phillip had exceeded our expectations and was able to quickly integrate the new technology into our existing system. Quick Base was the perfect tool for the job and I would highly recommend working with Phillip on simple or very complex projects.

Steven Lehrbass
Noble Energy, Inc.
November 13, 2018

Very analytical and detail oriented.

He explains well how things are supposed to work.

James Fitzgerald
Facilities USA
November 9, 2018

Outstanding developer for Quick Base

After contacting Quick Base representatives and determining out need for a software engineer/developer to customize a solution for a Operations/Manufacturing database, we were referred to Phillip Dennis, Watkyn LLC. Phillip was immediately responsive to our initial outline over the phone and indicated Quick Base could certainly handle the project. We then provided to Phillip a more comprehensive outline documenting the workflow, definitions of the various tables, fields and relationships, and mockups of how we envisioned the interface. Within just a few days, Phillip responded with an estimate for the first phase of the work and within a week had provided a proposal for the full project. During a conference call following our receipt of the proposal, Phillip walked us through the development process. But what really impressed us was his understanding of the specific details in our project. It was clear Phillip had taken the time to thoroughly review and understand our project and to look ahead to where it would need to be able to expand in the future. As it turned out, after carefully reviewing all our options and reassessing our project requirements, our company opted for a different platform solution to meet our requirements. However, the service provided by Phillip Dennis at Watkyn LLC before and after our decision was always professional, yet personable. Our experience with Phillip Dennis at Watkyn LLC was outstanding and had we selected Quick Base for as our solution, we're confident Phillip would have delivered and met, if not exceeded, our expectations. We give Phillip Dennis, Watkyn LLC our highest recommendation.

Rene Amundson
AgroSource, Inc.
November 9, 2018

Great Partnership

Our company schedules several thousand security shifts every month. Through now, we've managed all of our scheduling and billing through a series of Excel spreadsheets and manual data entry into Quickbooks. It is an inefficient system, and one that is not scalable. We've outgrown this current system. We engaged Watkyn earlier this year to develop a mobile app and Quickbase platform that will automate the check-ins of our security guards, manage our scheduling and vendor information, automate the invoicing - basically to automate and manage all of the data that we have been tracking manually while we grew our business. While Watkyn hasn't finished developing our platform yet (we are hoping to roll it out by the end of this year), our experience with them has been great thus far. They spent a lot of time understanding the moving pieces of our business and what our work flow looks like right now. They communicate with my team really well and do a good job of listening to them and understanding what we need. They have built the platform to the point where we can see that they are incorporating everything that the finished product will need. Their timelines and estimates have all been reasonable and have been met. We have worked with a number of software developers over the years who overpromised and underdelivered - this has not been the case with Watkyn. Phillip has been really clear and up front about what his team can do, how long it will take, and what it will cost. It has been a great partnership since we began working with them. I highly recommend Watkyn to anyone looking for Quickbase development help.

Christopher Root
Guard Services USA
November 8, 2018


Phillip has been an instrumental part in building our database. He is very good at Quickbase in addition to using other solutions. What you get from Phillip that you don't get from most developers is that he is able to write scripts to work with Quickbase, so you not limited in any way. I would recommend Phillip.

Richard Hamilton
Principle Energy
November 7, 2018

Great Developer

Working with Phillip and Watkyn has been great. Phillip works hard to understand exactly what we are looking for in a Quick Base app and delivers on our vision.

Jack Adams
Principle Energy, LLC
November 7, 2018

Outstanding Partner

We consider Watkyn a strategic partner to our company. Phillip and his staff not only go above and beyond on the work we ask them to help us with, but they typically look beyond the issue/improvement we are thinking of making to suggest solutions we had not even considered. Phillip looks to understand what our ultimate objectives are and suggests ways within and even outside of QB to help us achieve our goals. They are responsive and caring which is another reason we consider them a strategic partner.

Mark McCary
Principle Energy
November 7, 2018

Great Partner

We have been working with Phillip from Watkyn for my entire time of employment at Principle Energy and he has a great asset to our Quick Base development. He is very knowledgeable and quick to reply to any issues or changes we request within Quick Base. I highly recommend Phillip with Watkyn

Chris Dixon
Principle Energy
November 7, 2018

Outstanding Partner

Working with Phillip from Watkyn has been such a pleasure. He and his team are truly our partner, and consistently work with our overall vision and needs in mind. When we have issues, he makes time for us and addresses them immediately. His vision for our Quick Base applications has empowered our company to make better data-driven decisions and take action in more effective and efficient ways. Phillip and Watkyn will make sure that you are taken care of, no matter what.

Lauren P. Harper
Principle Energy
November 7, 2018

Fast, Responsive, and thorough

Ive been working with Watkyn for a few months for some advice and smaller scripting automation that help our business move faster. It's been a pleasure working with Phillip and his team. They are very responsive, get to the root of what is needed fast and implement improvements very efficiently. I would recommend working with them as I will continue to do so.

Zipline International
November 1, 2018

Flexible, Responsive, and Knowledgeable

Many Quick Base partners do not provide solutions that fit the budget for small business owners running multiple applications. In addition, they do not provide the flexibility for those who are well versed in Quick Base, and only require a single project or guidance. Watkyn is small-business friendly and very responsive to communication and deadlines. I have used them for one project so far, but looking forward to several more!

Kelly Bianchi
August 27, 2018