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ViziApps Visual Mobile App Builder allows Quickbase solution builders and business innovators to quickly create engaging custom branded enterprise quality mobile apps visually, with little or no coding expertise required.

Our SaaS cloud-based mobile workflow and UX app builder gives you all the tools to create and manage mobile-first apps optimized for your unique mobile user workflows, securely integrated with your Quickbase applications and other data.

  • Free-form app design
  • Custom workflow logic design
  • Access to device features (Voice to text, Barcode, QR code, photos, videos, GPS, etc)
  • Offline operation
  • No code Integration with Quickbase
  • Extensible with JavaScript (low code)
  • Instantly test on mobile devices
  • Easily deploy on iOS, Android, and Zebra phones and tablets

How it Works:

  • Visually storyboard your app
  • Use drag-and-drop widgets to create your UX and Workflow
  • Build workflow logic with simple English language type statements
  • JavaScript option for virtually unlimited Low Code mobile app design
  • Upload device data to your Quickbase, SQL databases, and cloud service APIs
  • Test apps in preview mode and directly on user devices before publishing
  • Distribute your apps via Apple App Store, Google Play, or MDM/EUM

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Business Skill

  • Application Development

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