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Hi, I'm Sharon Faust and I help Quickbase builders Learn Fast & Deliver More!

As a Quickbase Expert, Process Improvement Master, User-Experience Designer, and Professional Trainer I've helped thousands get more from their Quickbase apps.

Whether you're looking for a few quick tips and cheat sheets or full-length training and other valuable resources I've got you covered!

Business Skill

  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integration with other Software
  • Training

Technical Skill

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Pipelines

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Reviews for Quick Base Junkie

Sharon really understands the needs of QB users.

QuickBase Junkie--Sharon Faust---just truly makes learning fast and easy. My favorite new "thing" is her use of a rich text fields to help toggle between "old" form and "new" forms.

Melissa Freel
Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan and Visionmoore
July 13, 2023

Amazing resource

What am AMAZING resource and worth every dollar! I have very little app building experience and would be lost without Sharon & QuickBase Junkie! For anyone looking for guidance, ideas, anything to make your app better, Quickbase Junkie is the way to go! The Mega Bundle has been so helpful developing my companies app. One of the great features to her training courses is the ability to keep going back and referring to the video and swipe files as I learn and grow my companies app.

Kelly Lyons
Access Surgical
September 15, 2022

Very helpful

Sharon's courses are super approachable and are value for money. What I try to learned myself through many forums and scattered informations , she's collated everything in easy to understand manner.  Highly recommended.

Prashant Maheshwari
Krishnabeads Industries LLP
August 23, 2022

The best QB guru

Sharon has been great to work with. She came to the rescue just in time - I was going down the wrong path in creating our QB workflow. She studied, learned our business needs, and quickly identified areas of improvement. She revamped our QB, which requires less maintenance, and created automations for efficiencies. She is great at simplifying workflow! I highly recommend her; she’s a great resource to have.

Gladys Calderon
August 16, 2022

Outstanding Consultant!!!

Sharon was excellent to work with. She spent the time to really understand my application and came up with a solution to reduce my yearly maintenance from days to just a couple of hours. I highly recommend her.

Tom Hurt
August 2, 2022

QuickBase Junkie - The Best!

Sharon has been fantastic at helping us solve problems and make enhancements to our Corporate Real Estate QB application. I guess I am becoming a Quickbase Junkie!

Rob Peterson
July 29, 2022

Sharon is the best!

Sharon has played an invaluable role in helping to build a functioning, flexible, scalable & powerful QB solution for us. She is a joy to work with, bringing her rare mix of tech savvy with a creative genius for devising the most efficient and future-proof paths towards achieving our goals. Can't imagine trying to build or manage anything more than an entry-level QB app without her and her unique ability to see behind hidden corners to identify & solve problems we didn't even know existed.

Van Zeiler
July 27, 2022

Sharon Faust at Quickbase Junkie:

1. Has Quickbase expertise better than most QB employees 2. Provides excellent consulting & training services by incorporating real-world examples, sample datasets, clear, concise instructions, & video training 3. Prioritizes keeping her materials & tools up-to-date as QB evolves 4. Listens to her clients when they have questions & feedback 5. Freely shares many tips & tricks through summary sheets, resource guides, videos, and the QB community support pages

Myra Canterbury
DocCanDo, LP
July 26, 2022

Exceptional Service / Immediate Impact

It is enjoyable when you find someone that truly has a passion for what they do every day. I originally met Sharon via Quickbase Junkie Youtube videos. There is truly a need for innovative Quickbase tips and tricks. Her videos were extremely beneficial and I subscribed to the channel. Then, I went to the website and found more useful content with her courses.  They get to the good stuff quickly, she explains what and how it works and has a little humor sprinkled in.  She saves my team time!

Marc Packard
July 22, 2022

Don't Wait to Partner with Quick Base Junkie!

Sharon is a absolute necessity to business if you want to maximize your insights, efficiency and productivity of your Quickbase application. She invests time to understand your business/organization, deeply understanding priorities and initiatives so that she can form the most appropriate and effective solution. She is flexible and communicative, setting clear expectations on timing, investment and expected outcomes. Definitely recommend!

Caro Patterson
W. Wright Foundation
July 22, 2022


Sharon is awesome. Very to easy to work with. I explained what we needed and she helped me deliver. She is extremely knowledgeable and lives up to her company name. Nothing but a pleasure and i have peace-of-mind knowing i can always reach out.

July 20, 2022

A wizard not a junkie

Sharon should be named "the Wizard". We work with QB for our clients, and periodically need simple, creative solutions and shortcuts for quick problem-solving.  Sharon has a huge library of tips and tricks as well as serious, substantive courses that save a lot of time from having to go through support material that isn't always transparent. She is quick with training on new developments and wins the award for the happiest trainer in the Quickbase universe. A great way to start the day.

Cullen Coates
Crystal Bay Solutions LLC
July 20, 2022

Anything Quickbase!

Sharon, has helped me numerous times with the development of my QB Apps. She was able to do the development for me for a fair price when I did not have the time myself. She also has helped me several times at no charge with formulas and techniques that I didn't even know existed! I highly recommend her and videos are fantastic. Check out her website!

Michael Hall
RPM xConstruction
July 14, 2022

Outstanding Partnership

I highly recommend utilizing both Sharon's QuickBase courses as well as her consulting business. She has a masterful knowledge of QuickBase and has answers for almost everything you would want to know in her offered courses. And, she continues to create more courses regularly on subjects that matter most. I love it!

Vaughn Wilkes
Perry Commercial
July 13, 2022

Sharon the Junkie is Sharp!

I can't even begin to give Sharon enough praise for her work on my application. She knew nothing of my industry, but after delving into the project I felt like she knew my needs better than I did! Sharon is extremely creative and just brilliant in general. I would highly and unequivocally hire her again (and plan to) and recommend her for any Quick Base application!

Robin Sewell
HIM Analytic Solutions LLC
July 13, 2022

QB Junkie is the best!

Sharon has been great to work with! We are in construction and started with the basics using Quickbase. We quickly realized there were many more use cases that we needed assistance with. Sharon has helped us define and improve processes. We rely on her to build out and optimize new and existing apps. Just need her to move to Texas!

Anthony Ford
Corey Construction
July 13, 2022