QubiTronic is an international Quickbase service provider specializing in Quickbase integrations, workflow solutions and database management. Over the years, weve helped a great number of household names in industry to transfer and integrate their workflows to Quickbase, from huge enterprises in solar energy and manufacturing to smaller organizations in e-commerce and local government.

Our team of engineers, consultants and designers come from a vast spectrum of backgrounds including architecture, electrical engineering, music and motorcycle racing, which means that in addition to our technical expertise, we have a diverse bank of knowledge to draw from when working with the variety of industries who have hired us.

At QubiTronic, we understand that every business has unique needs and therefore requires tailored, custom solutions rather than a cookie-cutter model; this is why we dont charge our clients an excessive, flat cookie-cutter project fee - instead we only bill for time actually spent working on your project. Through offering complimentary hours for initial discovery, we will ensure that we understand your business and together agree upon a design that meets your needs before entering a formal partnership together.

Our clients value our collaborative approach to work, gain confidence through our demonstrations of past solutions and value the direct interaction they have with our engineers. Our client satisfaction is reflected in the fact that most of our clients have returned to us for further projects and that 100% of our clients so far have come to us through recommendations.

We think of ourselves as your long-term partner who will adapt and enhance your solutions as your business grows and evolves, though smaller-scale businesses have also found success through our simpler solutions. Lets create a partnership, evolve your business and maximize your success together.

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