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KB Consulting has focused on the development and maintenance of Quickbase applications across a broad range of industries since 1999. Services include understanding data structure, workflow and reporting needs as well as administrator training on all Quickbase features.

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  • Application Development
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Training
  • Technical Support

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  • HTML
  • Javascript

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Reviews for Keira Bromberg Consulting Services

Amazing Partner / Consultant

Keira's Quick Base knowledge and solutions have been an enormous help to our team. She works hard to find a resolution for your problem. While we depend on Keira for development, she doesn't mind that we take the initiative to manage the small stuff on our own.

Terrie OBrien
WL Gore & Associates
June 7, 2018

QB Administrator and Support

The experience with Keira was nothing but great! :) Very professional, knowledgeable and proactive. Great communications skills, this helped her understand our needs and apply the best solutions around the required application updates. It has been a pleasure interacting with her!

Gabriel Soto
DXC Technology
April 4, 2018

Development Expert

Keira is brilliant. She knows Quick Base at an expert level. She finds elegant solutions to complex problems. She readily understands business requirements. She works quickly, efficiently and with high focus. I first worked with Keira in 2009 and continue to bring her in to develop complex Quick Base applications and to solve tough problems.

Charles Goltry
DXC Technology
March 21, 2018

Indispensable Consultant

We started working with Keira shortly after we started using QB. We are a small lean shop and depend on Keira exclusively for development. Although there is a lot we can do with the tool ourselves, Keira is an indispensable go-to resources for more advanced things. There is nothing we've asked for that she couldn't do and she is very open with us about her process. She also responds quickly to questions and turns solutions around almost in real time. Because of Keira we have been able to make QB a mission critical part of our operation.

Thomas Moore
March 20, 2018

Keira is wonderful to work with

Keira has been assisting our company with our QB development needs for many years. Her in depth knowledge and easy going demeanor make her a pleasure to work with.

Joe Parrigan
DXC Tech.
March 19, 2018

Marketing Analyst

I have been with Thermo for nearly 2 years and have worked with Keira for a good portion of that time. I have worked with consultants in the past but Keira has exceeded those I've worked with. She's EXTREMELY hard working, efficient, and positive. Any problem we have thrown at her has been met with an optimistic and timely approach. I look forward to continuing our partnership with her. Thanks, Trent Kuczynski

Trent Kuczynski
Thermo Fisher Scientific
January 26, 2018

Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations

Keira has been our Marketing Operations Software Application consultant for over 10 years now. She stands out as one of the most dedicated and reliable consultants I've encountered in my 35 year career. She is extremely focused on enabling exactly what the business requires and goes to exceptional lengths on a consistent basis to ensure it happens. The nature of our business means we often have urgent projects with complex scope and hard deadlines for go-live that cannot be missed. In ten years we've never missed a deadline and have always delivered to scope and rarely with any issues in production. And on those very few occasions where something may have been detected post-production, its been due to misses in our user acceptance testing and Keira has always been immediate in response and resolution. I highly recommend Keira Bromberg Consulting Services.

Cliff Wolcott
Thermo Fisher Scientific
January 23, 2018

Valuable and Insightful Consultation

Keira is an integral part of our success. With her leadership and guidance, she has provided over 10 years of valuable and insightful consultation. She understands complex environments, and is often able to provide multiple options/solutions for each project/request. In addition to having the insights to provide strategic direction, Keira is also extremely fast with production work. She is extremely responsive and delivers projects on-time and on-budget. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Keira Bromberg Consulting Services.

Michael Liston
Thermo Fisher Scientific
January 23, 2018

Great support & consulting for new QB App

Keira was great to work with on a new QB application for managing thousands of orders per year from over 100 users. She's an expert in QB, efficient at getting things working in QB, responded quickly to all urgent needs, great communication skills, cost effective....and was fun to work with!!! We continue to use her expertise ongoing with this application and many others.

Chris Lyman
Procter & Gamble
January 17, 2018

Customized Quickbase Solutions

I have worked with Keira for several years. She has a very deep understanding of QuickBase and is always prompt and professional when we need her to diagnose an issue or explore alternative solutions. Very quick and efficient! I highly recommend her consulting services!

Brad Loos
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton
February 15, 2016

Fast, Smart...Keira's the best

Kiera has worked with us for over two years and I can't say enough. She is responsive and a very clever problem solver. We run our entire business in the Quick Base app which she was key in developing. It is essentially an ERP program for our 100+ person company. We manage our financials, construction projects and customer info in the application she developed. If you need a Quick Base partner Keira is the best we have found

Jim Sullivan
March 14, 2013

Exceptional Creativity and Responsiveness.

In 2006, my department required a small project, timecard, supplier costs & material tracking database. Our Division IT Specialist recommended the Quick Base application and Keira Bromberg to develop it. Working via e-mail and phone conference, Keira quickly put together an application that met all of our needs and substantially eased our departments paper workload. As importantly, Keira always supported me as the Application Manager when I had questions while learning the databases capabilities. Over time our needs grew as more departments were added to the successful database. The input & output from the database became quite complex involving remote requests and templated data output that is uploaded into a Corporation wide SAP system. Keira and her Team were asked to develop the script driven systems that enabled our application to function for our needs while living within a Corporate realm. We also have to adjust to constantly changing internal accounting rules. KB showed incredible creativity with innovative methods to work with, or when necessary, around our large Corporate systems. As of 2012, I would say the application Keira & Team developed saves one, and possibly two, full time administrative positions. KB is a pleasure to work with, incredibly fast, cost effective, and responsive to our needs.

Jim Still
The Procter & Gamble Co.
November 27, 2012