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Modernizing Your Supplier Management Strategy

Join Quickbase’s Shannon Brady and Mike Weinstein to learn more about flexible automation tools, like no-code platforms, and how they:

– Enable large organizations with complex supplier management processes to unite all that information in one place– Keep those processes adaptable– Modernize your supplier management strategy for enhanced visibility and risk mitigation

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Create Adaptable Workflows With Automation Tools

Supplier management encompasses a lot of things from onboarding and contracting to score carding and ordering. This complexity can make visibility and adaptability a challenge for those in sourcing or procurement.

According to Deloitte’s latest procurement survey, flexible automation tools are solving this. In fact, today’s procurement leaders are two times more likely to use these tools in operations like supplier management.

Meet The Speakers

Mike Weinstein, Enterprise Account Executive

Mike Weinstein

Mike Weinstein, an Enterprise Account Executive, focuses on helping enterprise organizations digitize their operations faster with no code solutions. He takes a consultative approach to working with customers and seeks to understand their business and existing challenges before making technology recommendations. He has been at Quickbase for two years and is passionate about the impact the Quickbase platform makes on his customers’ day to day.
Shannon Brady, Enterprise Account Executive

Shannon Brady

Shannon Brady, an Enterprise Account Executive, focuses on helping teams automate processes and unite disparate data. She has worked with both large organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, retail, and construction. She partners with teams to understand their business challenges and initiatives and works to align custom solutions. Shannon has been with Quickbase for 4 years, is a certified Quickbase builder, and believes in the power of rapid application development to solve business challenges.