Webinar: Increase Agility of Your ERP with Low Code

Watch this webinar to learn how your organization can increase agility of your ERP with the help of low code applications.

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Webinar Speakers

Sunniya Saleem

Sunniya Saleem, Senior Director of Demand Generation

Sunniya Saleem is the Senior Director, Demand Center and Digital Experience at Quickbase. As the head of digital experience and demand center at Quickbase, Sunniya manages the activation of GTM strategy through marketing programs. Sunniya has years of experience as a senior go-to-market leader in high-growth technology businesses.
Micha Hardie

Micha Hardie, Associate Demand Generation Manager

Micha Hardie is an Associate Demand Generation Manager at Quickbase. She joined in July 2019 to lead demand generation efforts for industrial and operations groups. Micha has 3+ years of experience in SaaS technology. Prior to Quickbase, she was a Marketing Campaigns Co-op at Syncsort (now Precisely), where she leveraged and optimized a variety of digital tactics to drive growth.
Chris Pliakis

Chris Pliakas, Director of Solutions Consulting

Chris is the Director of Solutions Consulting and is responsible for working with our customers to co-create a vision of how Quick Base will empower the problem-solvers in their organizations to transform the way work gets done. He has a diverse, 15-year background in software and joined Quick Base in 2016 as the Chief Software Architect.
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Increase Adaptability of Your ERP

Your organization has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, connected every system, and pushed all its data into your ERP system. But when workflows change, data must be modified, or performance needs to be analyzed, working with your ERP system can become a major resource drain.

Depending on your ERP system alone can limit your organization’s ability to adapt and compete today’s fast-paced, tech-heavy environment.

Learn how to solve for this, reduce backlog, and unlock data trapped in your ERP in this webinar. We'll explain how large organizations use low code with their ERP to boost agility, reduce time-to-value, and automate the unique processes their ERP can’t.

Boost agility of your ERP

Learn how organizations are using low code with their ERP to reduce time to value, streamline unique processes and gain real time visibility.