Webinar: Supplier Info, Cost, and Compliance Management

Join us for part two in a three-part series on Optimizing Supplier Management for Reduced Risk.

Two people work together to import data to a Quickbase app

Webinar Speakers

Rob Spence

Rob Spence, Senior Solutions Consultant

Rob has spent the last 2.5 years working with Quick Base customers to see the many ways Quick Base can help their organization. In his current role he is focused on taking each customer’s needs and translating them into a customized demonstration of what Quick Base can help them solve.
Micha Hardie

Micha Hardie, Demand Generation Manager

As a member of the Marketing team, Micha works to educate industrial organizations on tools and strategies that can be used to continuously improve, digitally transform and achieve competitive advantage in operations.

Supplier Management in Quick Base: What’s Under the Hood

In this follow up session to our 9/17 webinar, Quick Base Senior Solutions Consultant Rob Spence will take a deep dive into applications for tracking information, compliance, and costs of multiple suppliers or vendors, and mitigating the risks associated with these elements.

In addition to explaining the ins and outs of these applications, Rob and Micha will be answering technical or specific questions to help you better understand how these applications can be customized and tailored to your organization.
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