How Solar Companies Accelerate Installs with End-to-End Software

Learn more in our recorded webinar from December 2020.

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Get Ahead of Schedule With Low-Code

Managing processes with dealers and installers can be complex. When dealers and installers are managing their own business, that creates silos and gaps in critical information. Solar companies that use shared spreadsheets and Google forms risk manual errors and missed steps in the sales and installation processes. What happens when you rally everyone (internal and external) around the same system? Simply put, the numbers go up. Companies that marry a CRM for leads and customers with a project management solution for site surveys and installs are able to accelerate installs by two weeks, on average. Completing installations two weeks ahead of schedule means happier customers and more capital.

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Make Sustainable Change

In this webinar, we’ll show you how IT and business leaders, from companies of all sizes, can collaborate to dramatically shift the culture towards digital transformation from the bottom up. We’ll demonstrate how fast-growing solar companies use low-code applications to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and communicate more efficiently.

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