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Information Technology Apps

ABC Project Manager 3

Author: Kirk Trachy | 7,585 Downloads

OUR MOST POPULAR PROJECT MANAGER VERSION - We have added resources and time cards to the robust ABC ...

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Simple Asset Tracking

Author: Quick Base | 2,722 Downloads

Know where every piece of your inventory is at all times when you start managing every asset more ef ...

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ABC Project Manager 4

Author: Kirk Trachy | 2,247 Downloads

Billing is the key differentiator in this application. Built with all the features and functions of ...

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IT Ticket Help Desk

Author: Quick Base | 2,243 Downloads

Solve problems for internal employees and company contacts with this IT ticket help desk app. Foll ...

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ABC Project Manager 2

Author: Kirk Trachy | 2,200 Downloads

For those who like the simplicity of ABC Project Manager 1 but wish it had a contact manager and doc ...

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ABC Customer Request Tracker

Author: Kirk Trachy | 1,922 Downloads

ABC Customer Request Tracker keeps track of web requests without being a QuickBase user. Customers, ...

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IT Asset Management

Author: Quick Base | 1,338 Downloads

Log and maintain a database of all the Assets within the company. Track the location and status, a ...

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QuickBase API Cookbook v3

Author: gareth lewis | 1,329 Downloads

This application is a collection of small-to-medium size code snippets that solve particular problem ...

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IT Total Management

Author: Quick Base | 1,246 Downloads

Manage projects, track assets, log bugs, and resolve trouble tickets for your IT organization with t ...

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Request Manager

Author: Quick Base | 996 Downloads

Improve user satisfaction and expedite issue resolution within your IT organization with this IT req ...

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Feature and Bug Tracker

Author: Quick Base | 964 Downloads

Everyone wants to track bugs their own way. But that doesnt mean you have to use a spreadsheet or de ...

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Kanban for QuickBase

Author: Eric J. Hansen | 662 Downloads

What is Kanban? Kanban is a simple way to visualize and control the work a team is doing, and priori ...

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Change Requests

Author: Quick Base | 617 Downloads

Track incremental change requests from internal or external customers; then prioritize, assign, and ...

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IT Project and Release Management

Author: Quick Base | 599 Downloads

Manage your IT project portfolio and upcoming releases using this in-depth IT project workflow app. ...

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IT Bug Tracker

Author: Quick Base | 595 Downloads

Track the bugs or issues that plague any workplace or IT environment. Create and track bug records ...

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Essential IT Asset Management

Author: Kristin Godoy | 455 Downloads

Essentials Plan Ready - Log and maintain a database of all the Assets within the company. Track th ...

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Essential IT Ticket Help Desk

Author: Kristin Godoy | 444 Downloads

Essentials Plan Ready - Solve problems for internal employees and company contacts with this IT tick ...

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Web Content Production Manager

Author: Quick Base | 349 Downloads

Schedule, plan and manage web content from concept through to production. Faciliate team review proc ...

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HIPAA Admin Physical and Technical Assessment Application

Author: Jim Lieder | 293 Downloads

This application is used to manage and document compliance with the Administrative, Physical and Tec ...

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Bug Tracking

Author: Charles Beerman | 242 Downloads

This Quickbase is intended for tracking bugs, identifying the component they are in and assigning th ...

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IT Server Tracker

Author: John Allen | 219 Downloads

Tracks summary of servers in various hardware environments. It includes purpose, IP address, and lo ...

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Asset Management

Author: Charles Giles | 197 Downloads

IT focused application with comprehensive asset management capabilities. ...

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Mac Project Management 2014

Author: Scott MacLean | 196 Downloads

Project Management Software 2014 PMO PMI PGM PPM PMP PMBOK Easy to add in the PMI fields and functi ...

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The Feedback App

Author: Nathan Underwood | 194 Downloads

Otherwise known as "FeedbApp"! Retooling an app and making iterations to enhance it over ti ...

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Essential IT Project and Release Management

Author: Kristin Godoy | 182 Downloads

Essentials Plan Ready - Manage your IT project portfolio and upcoming releases using this in-depth I ...

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Author: Krypt0n1@n   | 173 Downloads

Frequently asked questions and answers that should help all users from novice through advanced. ...

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IT Service Request

Author: Ms. Maxine Henderson, Excell | 159 Downloads

IT Service Requests are for tasks that require less then 8 hours of effort to complete. Requests th ...

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Essential Support Customers

Author: Kristin Godoy | 157 Downloads

This is the essential ready version of Support Customers. Organize, prioritize and engage with cust ...

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Essential IT Bug Tracker

Author: Kristin Godoy | 155 Downloads

Essentials Plan Ready - Track the bugs or issues that plague any workplace or IT environment. Crea ...

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Essential IT Ticketing System

Author: Isaiah Morris | 155 Downloads

Essentials Compliant Solve problems for internal employees and company contacts with this IT ticket ...

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ABC Consolidated Reporting Example

Author: Kirk Trachy | 149 Downloads

This application shows how you can automate your QuickBase APIs with Google Scripts. This example a ...

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Essential IT Total Management

Author: Kristin Godoy | 146 Downloads

This is the Essential Plan Ready version of IT Total Management Manage projects, track assets, log ...

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Test Case Management

Author: Valesha Jones | 144 Downloads

Keep track of test cases and test case execution ...

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Root Cause Analysis for Processes & Systems

Author: Pearle Merriner | 143 Downloads

The main purpose of this tool is to provide a consolidated resource for root cause analysis actions ...

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Project Manager with Help Desk and Surveys

Author: Phil Powis | 135 Downloads

This is a version of Complete Project Manager that includes both Help Desk and Surveying functionali ...

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Quality Assurance Tracking Module

Author: Mike Vaughn | 132 Downloads

Welcome to the Quality Assurance tracking module. Here you will packets that need to be reviewed, a ...

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Product Licenses

Author: Gideon Ansell | 129 Downloads

This app is for anyone who needs to manage software license distribution to a team. Add new licen ...

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Work Request System

Author: Eloyse Ellerman | 116 Downloads

Allow customers to put in requests and automatically confirm and notify them via email with status c ...

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Hosting & Support Requests

Author: Matt Hart | 104 Downloads

This application auto-sends emails to one of two support people, depending on the request type. It h ...

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Incident Tracking With Knowledge Base Flow

Author: Phil Powis | 85 Downloads

This application features SLA Tracking (with variable SLA depending on brand and severity), as well ...

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Task Manager

Author: Ilya M. | 85 Downloads

Manage tasks, projects and workflows across entire organization. ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** An e ...

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Knowledge (KM) & Feedback System

Author: Greg Robin | 84 Downloads

This application was developed to help a marketing department in a Fortune 500 company deploy a "kno ...

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Production System Updates

Author: John Allen | 83 Downloads

This QuickBase tracks the updates to the Production systems. The Open-Schedule Update View identifie ...

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Build and Deployment Tracker

Author: John Allen | 79 Downloads

This is a great application to track build and deployment requests for code. It contains detailed t ...

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Project Cost Estimating

Author: Jim Lieder | 75 Downloads

Project Cost Estimator for QuickBase apps. ...

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Author: Chelsea Sigliano | 69 Downloads

Full end to end purchasing app, including expense report processing. ...

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Author: CLIVE SANG | 62 Downloads

IUOM Membership Application containing tables to track members, their lodges, and the unit associate ...

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Service Desk

Author: Jim Lieder | 61 Downloads

Ready for immediate use. Simple, two table design comes complete with charts and graphs to summariz ...

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E-mail Settings

Author: Damon Daniels | 60 Downloads

Database of e-mail server settings (i.e. POP3, SMTP, IMAP) for setting up your email client. ...

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Pied Piper's Project Manager

Author: Marguerite Keating | 59 Downloads

Our projects, tasks, subtasks, and files. ...

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Outage History

Author: John Allen | 57 Downloads

This application can be used by IT departments to record service or site outages that are caused by ...

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Contacts Manager | Companies Offices Contacts

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 56 Downloads

This is a very basic starting point for any application. It has a companies table, offices table, an ...

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Emergency Procedures Tracker

Author: Darin Wagner | 55 Downloads

This is a single table app to track emergency procedures for system outages. It has an exact form to ...

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IT Management

Author: Michael Custer | 55 Downloads

One stop page to manage assets, mobile devices, and office backstock, and inventory. Track all hard ...

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QuickBase Development Requests

Author: Eric J. Hansen | 54 Downloads

View, prioritize, and track progress on all requested changes or improvements to your QuickBase appl ...

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Project Portfolio Manager (PPM)

Author: Jim Lieder | 52 Downloads

Track and report on projects at a high level for your department. ...

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SYS Environment Change Management

Author: Billie Bell | 51 Downloads

A change management application for code deployments, defect fixes, configuration changes, job execu ...

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ReferencialX-Revenue Cycle Solution

Author: Claudius Moore | 43 Downloads

An application for account receivable management, tracking case status and daily collector follow-up ...

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Project Central

Author: Jim Lieder | 42 Downloads

Project Management Application to track Issues, Change Requests, Status Reports and Documents. ...

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Operation Collaboration Portal

Author: Bijay Nayak | 37 Downloads

EBS E-Commerce and Finance Operation Team can Collaborate, communicate, and share project informatio ...

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Process Changes

Author: Roger thran | 34 Downloads

Use this tool to track all OSP related process changes. This tools also recommends available commun ...

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Installation Aging System

Author: Mike Vaughn | 34 Downloads

This application tracks installation appointments to install a product at a customer's location. ...

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QuickBase Feedback Excellence by VeilSun

Author: James Cosman | 30 Downloads

This application helps you capture, approve, plan, and manage feedback on multiple QuickBase applica ...

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Records and Research Request System

Author: Mike Vaughn | 28 Downloads

Capture incoming requests and track them as they are assigned to resources and completed. ...

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NPS Program Dashboard

Author: Tommy To | 28 Downloads

This QB application has been designed to intake customer satisfaction survey and calculates the net ...

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Master Password Request Manager

Author: Amanda Leopold | 27 Downloads

This is a simple application to track password requests. ...

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Customized Research & Usability Tracker Basic

Author: Orly S. | 26 Downloads

(Developed by a Quickbase employee, slightly modified by me. I am not responsible for creating this, ...

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Customer Feedback: Activity & Feedback Tracker

Author: Suzanne L | 22 Downloads

This app manages and tracks your customer feedback initiative. Manages all participants in a curren ...

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Agile Health Survey

Author: Vijay Chinta | 18 Downloads

Health Survey for Agile Teams ***NOTES FROM THE CURATOR*** This is an easy to use, one table solut ...

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QuickBase App Tracker

Author: Phil Powis | 16 Downloads

This is an app for tracking QuickBase applications that I created over the past couple of years. Eac ...

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HR Answers

Author: Courtney Sandlin | 16 Downloads

This app is based off of the internal HR support system that Intuit has set up. It is a bit less ro ...

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Product Research and Review Application

Author: Justin Lapier | 16 Downloads

When your company is looking at different new solutions it can get cumbersome keeping track of that ...

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EBS App Ops Work Dashboard

Author: Bijay Nayak | 13 Downloads

We provide always-on Business Services in a way that inspires confidence in our customers and allows ...

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Control de inventario sistemas

Author: Alejandro Maltos | 12 Downloads

The Asset Tracker provides your business with a central place to organize assets, including tracking ...

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ABC Issues and Stakeholders

Author: Kirk Trachy | 12 Downloads

When you have an issue, it can affect many locations and many departments. This application gives y ...

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Cancelation Closure Request Manager

Author: Mike Vaughn | 6 Downloads

Capture incoming cancellation and/or closure requests and track them as they are assigned to resourc ...

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Ministry HIS Workflows

Author: Steve Pelton | 4 Downloads

This application helps manage all Hospital Information System workflows ...

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EIAM SSO On Boarding Application

Author: Amit Shastri | 3 Downloads

This App is for registering requests for on boarding your application to EIAM SSO. ...

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PM/XD Collaboration - Coaching Skills

Author: Balakrishna M | 2 Downloads

Let's list the skills that each of us can coach on.. Go ahead and enter the skill sets you can coac ...

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CC WIN7 Deployment

Author: Andreas Huber | Downloads

Win7 Deployment ...

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