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Fast Track to the Future of Work Apps

Emergency Response

Author: Eric Mohlman | 114 Downloads

This application was created to address some of the unique problems encountered with the rise of COV ...

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COVID-19 Contact Tracing App

Author: Manny Pinheiro | 88 Downloads

Traces possible exposure by tracking the contacts made by patients who have tested positive. ...

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COVID-19 Test and Quarantine Locations

Author: Chris Pliakas | 58 Downloads

Tracks construction and staffing of testing/quarantine facilities. ...

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PPE Management

Author: Ryan Pflederer | 43 Downloads

Back to the future of work. This application allows you to track your Facility PPE inventory, Ordere ...

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COVID-19 Customer Request Tracker

Author: Evan M. | 39 Downloads

COVID-19 Customer Request Tracker keeps track of web requests without being a QuickBase user. Custom ...

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COVID-19 School : Meal Management + Distribution

Author: Lawrence Wiggins | 38 Downloads

During a crisis (pandemic) many students still need to receive the meals (breakfast and lunch) that ...

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COVID-19 Task Manager

Author: Chris Pliakas | 33 Downloads

A simple task manager provided to front-line responders to the COVID-19 pandemic. ...

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Employee Wellness Management

Author: Eric Mohlman | 32 Downloads

This application helps you monitor health and wellness of your employees to ensure essential operati ...

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COVID-19 IT Asset Management

Author: Evan Martinez | 25 Downloads

Log and maintain a database of all the Assets within the company. Track the location and status, a ...

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Facilities Sanitation Management

Author: Bree Mackey | 24 Downloads

Back to the future of work. This application helps you manage cleaning schedule compliance for your ...

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COVID-19 Supplies Request and Delivery

Author: Manny Pinheiro | 23 Downloads

Track resource requests for supplies. Resources, such as first responders, can be assigned to perman ...

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COVID-19 Job Tracking

Author: Manny Pinheiro | 21 Downloads

The Job Tracking App is an application that can be used to track Active and Furloughed employees. Th ...

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COVID-19 Hotline Management

Author: Nashmia Burney | 20 Downloads

This application is designed to help Hotline Centers across the Globe to manage their daily calls al ...

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COVID-19 Community Help Center

Author: Leanne Snoeck | 18 Downloads

Help remote workers stay connected to their work and client communities. Use this app to support em ...

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COVID-19 Non-Profit Manager

Author: Evan M. | 16 Downloads

Grow your base of support, deepen relationships and raise more money for your non-profit with this r ...

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COVID-19 Meal Delivery Application + Management

Author: Stephanie E. | 1 Downloads

This is an app created by Quick Base Partner VARC Solutions to facilitate applications for meal deli ...

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