Assembly Costing

This app will allow you to do Assembly Costing. The concepts starts with a basic parts list. You can then construct an "Assembly" ie a Bill of Materials (BOM) and typically add labor to get an "Assembly". Each Assembly has a Parts cost and a Labor cost and then of course a Total cost. But the magic with this app is then you can take that Assembly and use it in another BOM which would typically have more parts,  and more labor and more other Assemblies to get another higher level Assembly. But the delightful aspect of this app is that the Assembly table can infinitely be a child of itself, so there is not theoretical limit to how "deep" you can go in terms of nested Assemblies. The app was originally written for a client who has Assemblies which go 5 level deep, but there is nothing in the design of the relationships which limits it to that 5 levels. Each Assembly shows what its child BOM is,  and also which are it's parents, ie where it itself is used in a higher level Assembly's BOM. Realistically, for most users you will probably need an hour of my time to get this working. But if you do need to have a way to calculate your costs when you have a hierarchy of nested Assemblies, it will be worth it for you. It took me a whole lot longer than an hour to write the app.
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