ABC Invoice and Inventory Manager

Author: Kirk Trachy
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This application creates invoices with many line items where some of the items are individual parts and others may be products with many sub-component parts. It uses three Quick Base Actions and two template tables to help make this happen. You can also keep track of inventory and reorder points should your inventory get consumed.


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Great implementation of invoicing with inventory and parts

By over 3 years ago

I wasn't downloading this to use it, but I actually wanted to get some ideas on how to implement invoicing. Unfortunately, my application isn't designed in such a way to be able to implement this currently, so I ended up going a different route, but this app is amazingly designed! If you do download it, make sure you read ALL the documentation, and watch the video with it to understand how to use and customize it. It's a bit tricky on the back end. Nicely done Kirk!

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