Manage Properties With Real Estate Database Management Software

Track your leads, leases, and clients all in one place with real-time software that connects your entire team.

Real Estate firms use low-code solution Quickbase

Quickbase's real estate database management software provides a virtual window into key indicators of how your agency is performing.

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Effectively Manage Your Properties & Resources

With reliable real estate database management software, all your relevant and necessary information is within reach in one centralized place.

Quickbase's cloud-based real estate database software gives you confidence to know exactly when you need to hire new people or when properties are scheduled to turn over.

Make Informed, Reliable, Real-Time Decisions

With Quickbase, work orders, property leases, and properties are tracked in one central, easily accessible database. Smart forms and automated alerts, notifications, and reminders mean you can make sure nothing is dropped.

When you switch from physical paperwork and tracking changes in spreadsheets to working in an automated database, your team will work more smoothly in better alignment. When something changes, your coworkers and contractors can be notified of maintenance requests via automated emails.

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Create Real Estate Management Solutions With Quickbase

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Keep track of leases, sales, and work orders across all properties with management dashboards

Real-Time Requests

Get quick snapshots of maintenance requests, inventory and revenue, and open vacancies in interactive reports

Project & Goal Tracking

Track projects and key metrics with report types from summary reports to charts, maps, calendars, and timelines

We grew our app — one problem and one solution at a time — to a point where now everybody in the company uses it. It's what we use to track everything and to stay on the same page.

Colt Boehme
CEO of Isola Capital Management

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