Rapidly Create Applications that Improve Your Processes

Strengthen Your Culture of Continuous Improvement

Quick Base is the best way for organizations to continuously improve the processes that are at the core of their business. Take a lower risk, phased approach in which you start small by creating rapid prototypes in days without IT support and modify instantly and scale as you learn.

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    Make A Big Impact

    Maximize impact as you connect processes, datasets and teams across your organization. From manufacturers that saved more than $1 million to healthcare companies that improved patient care, construction companies that manage more concurrent projects for accelerated growth, and more, Quick Base delivers measurable business impact every day.


    Tap into the Brilliance within Your Organization

    Identify and prioritize process improvement focus areas with the greatest impact and measure their progress against company objectives. These ideas can range from minor improvements for persistent issues that are frustrating your teams and customers to organization-wide Lean Six Sigma or Kaizen initiatives – and everything in between.

    Customize to Your Exact Processes, Rapidly Prototype, Learn and Scale

    Improve Customer Experience

    Ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products and services by easily identifying problems with production, orders and suppliers within large datasets

    Reduce Costs and Time

    Eliminate manual, redundant processes and track spending on assets, vendors and suppliers to pinpoint areas for cost and time savings

    Maximize Resource Utilization

    Improve employee onboarding, skills/certification tracking, training and performance measurement to ensure you have the right teams available when needed

    Increase Team Accountability

    Define project plans, task lists, notifications, status updates and change management processes to enhance customer experience and internal workflows

    Get Better Insight Into Your Operations

    Gain transparency into your data like never before on any device with reports that blend data from across your organization to provide a full picture into project health, order status, tool availability, supplier status, corrective actions, team performance and countless other business processes.

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