Achieve Operational Excellence With Business Process Improvement Software

Continuously improve the processes at the core of your business with a no-code platform that is as flexible as you need it to be.

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Quickbase helps us make decisions by giving us access to the right information at the right time.
Bob SalajDirector of Operational Excellence

Get faster time to value with software that works the way you do

Operational excellence is all about empowering your people to make changes to the way they work to get better every day. Quickbase is an IT-approved platform that fits your unique processes, whether you’re making minor improvements to persistent issues or implementing organization-wide Lean, Six Sigma, or Kaizen initiatives.

Get better insight into your operations

Gain transparency into your processes like never before with reports that blend data from across your organization. Access data with personalized dashboards on any device to get a full picture into project health, order status, tool availability, supplier status, corrective actions, team performance and countless other business processes – all in one place. 

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Tracking Operations through Quickbase

Jump-start your continuous improvement initiatives with Quickbase.

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Quickbase is a platform that supports your continuous improvement efforts by enabling you to quickly create applications and workflow automations to improve your processes in minutes. Connect your data, share information only with the people that need it with enterprise-grade security and governance, and make changes to your workflows as your business changes.

Quickbase supports continuous improvement and business process automation by empowering the people who understand the processes the best to take action and make changes as inefficiencies or opportunities are identified. You can take a lower risk, phased approach in which you start small by creating rapid prototypes in days without IT resources that you can modify instantly and scale as you learn.

Quickbase customers have been able to:

  • Improve Customer Experience: Ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products and services by easily identifying problems with production, orders and suppliers within large datasets.
  • Reduce Costs and Time: Eliminate manual, redundant processes and track spending on assets, vendors and suppliers to pinpoint areas for cost and time savings.
  • Maximize Resource Utilization: Improve employee onboarding, skills/certification tracking, training and performance measurement to ensure you have the right teams available when needed.
  • Increase Team Accountability: Define project plans, task lists, notifications, status updates and change management processes to enhance customer experience and internal workflows.

From manufacturers that saved more than $1 million to healthcare companies that improved patient care, construction companies that manage more concurrent projects for accelerated growth, and more, Quickbase delivers measurable business impact every day.

Business process automation requires the use of technology to automate repeatable tasks. Quickbase can help you create business process automations that allow you to reduce repetitive steps, streamline manual processes, and ensure clean data. An automation is a set of rules you define within Quickbase to automatically perform actions. Read more about Quickbase automations.

IT teams love Quickbase because it enables the people with the most knowledge of processes to create their own solutions, but within IT’s parameters for security and governance. Quickbase has earned some of the strictest compliance certifications, including SOC 1/SOC2, HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield and DFARS.

Learn more about Quickbase’s enterprise-grade governance features, integrations, and security.

Continuous improvement is the ongoing improvement of products, services, or processes in a business. Continuous improvement initiatives could mean focusing on increasing efficiency by creating the right tools to connect different systems together, or automating business processes to save time.

For example, OSF HealthCare committed to continuous improvement across a network of 7 acute care and 4 critical access facilities, 75 OSF Medical Group locations, 193 clinical departments, and two colleges of nursing. 

OSF HealthCare had already deployed the Six Sigma process improvement methodology, but formed a Performance Improvement division solely focused on facilitating priorities and guidance for strategic transformation. This division conducts performance monitoring and reporting and assists in the identification of performance management opportunities.

To track and manage cost-saving projects, OSF HealthCare turned to a suite of apps built on the Quickbase platform. The results are greater collaboration across teams, more efficient delivery of new programs, and greater speed to value.

Read more about how OSF HealthCare managed continuous improvement initiatives on Quickbase.