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Make light work of regulatory compliance.

Safeguard yourself, your team, and your healthcare organization with single-source, secure storage of all of your compliance-related documentation. Be in full control of who can access, add, or modify records — from patient information to billing and reconciliation data — and put an end to maintaining and tracking down paper files.

Stay up to date with automation.

Use alerts and reminders to keep yourself and other healthcare staff on track with automated workflows. Be proactive by setting up documentation calendars and task assignments so you're always one step ahead of regulatory or internal deadlines. Software for healthcare organizations should prompt compliance; organizations shouldn't have to prompt the software. With Quick Base's notifications, you won't need to worry about what you may be overlooking because your team will be getting updates and reminders designed specifically for your record-keeping needs.

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Generate detailed audits and reports.

Create report templates and management dashboards with drag-and-drop tools, increasing visibility into data that needs to be shared on a regular basis. Easily export just the right information for a variety of recipients, from external auditors and advisors to healthcare program administrators to chiefs of staff. Healthcare management software should give stakeholders like board members a window into how their facility is doing, whether it is a hospital, healthcare center, nursing home, research center, or large practice. Provide them this data easily.

Software that lets you focus on your patients.

The Affordable Care Act has had an impact on many doctors, nurses, and administrative hospital staff. By maintaining better records with our applications and software for healthcare facilities, you can ensure that these employees spend less time chasing down files and more time helping patients. Improve processes with our online, cloud-based healthcare software solutions and create a better, safer facility overall.

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