Government and public sector software.

Collaborate in operations for the public sector.

Transparency, participation, and collaboration are vitally important for most government agencies; Quick Base's solutions can help promote all three. Implement better public sector software and applications so you can focus on achieving your goals. Quick Base government software applications help centralize mission-critical information in the form of tables, giving your team the data visibility they need to make timely, informed decisions while reducing the risk of error from outdated information.

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Build and customize powerful online apps.

With a groundswell of government agencies moving paper-based information into the cloud, it's within the public's best interest to adapt. Quick Base helps make that journey simpler for those working in the public sector. Software solutions from Quick Base allow you to make changes happen quickly. Create and deploy government-backed software and cloud-based applications in days. Whether it's projects, contracts, or overall spending you're looking to track, select from more than 300 ready-to-use apps or develop your own local government software from scratch.

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    Maintain government data integrity.

    There are times when database information needs a higher level of protection. Through database roles and permissions, you are in control of who gets to view, modify, and edit data in your Quick Base government software applications. You can even set field-level permissions to restrict access to specific government information, giving just enough access to certain users. It's the best of both worlds, allowing openness while also protecting users' information.

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    Generate powerful insights from your data.

    If your team functions like most government agencies or organizations, your group likely has someone to be held accountable to. Government software from Quick Base allows you to give that person, or the public in general, accurate reporting on what's happening within the agency. It also allows you to adapt and change that reporting based on their questions or interests. Leverage dozens of standard or custom reports to analyze critical government information in real time. Consolidate those reports into a powerful dashboard using our easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality.

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