Use minimal coding with low code development

See how low-code development is allowing businesses a better way to work.

Decode the meaning of low-code.

Low-code app development provides a way for anyone, even people without traditional coding expertise, to quickly build and deploy business apps. Low-code development platforms focus on ease-of-use and a visual app building approach so business professionals can utilize them for creating their own solutions. Low-code application development replaces the need for IT assistance or expensive traditional development talent. This means that those closest to business problems can be empowered to quickly turn ideas into action, with point-and-click simplicity.

App building for everyone.

With low-code development platforms like Quick Base, everyone in the business gets a faster and easier way to innovate. No matter if you are building a project management tool or looking for HR and CRM support, the Quick Base platform can be used to support simple to sophisticated uses for the business.

Be involved at every stage.

Previously, business professionals were only involved in the requirements and adoption of an application. Low-code development platforms enable the entire team to be involved throughout the application development lifecycle.

- Requirements gathering: It can be hard to plan and understand your needs prior to building a solution. With Quick Base, it’s easy to uncover true requirements and real value because you can build a minimum viable product and validate your ideas in little time.

- App design and development: Stop wasting time and resources on traditional development. The Quick Base platform generates the majority of code required to build web and mobile apps. Automated design layouts and visual app building make it easy to customize and create your own app.

- Rapid prototyping and testing: Low-code development allows you to quickly translate your ideas into a working prototype, which you can share with your team and test in your market. Get insight into performance prior to production.

- Easy deployment and publishing: After you have a prototype, you can in one click push to deployment. Have a production-grade application ready in minutes.

- App maintenance and iteration: You can not only build business apps with speed and agility but you can also handle live updates the same way. With Quick Base, adding new integrations and data sources and altering schema can be done without taking your app offline.

Features that your team will love.

  • Visual Editor

    Quickly and effortlessly build web-based apps with minimal coding.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Point and click to create live reports, charts and dashboards.

  • Process Automation

    Manage and analyze data and business processes with automated workflows using simple rules.

  • Safe and Secure

    Our enterprise-grade, industry compliant cloud platform is trusted by over 6,000 businesses.

  • Mobile

    Every Quick Base app is automatically enabled to be compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

  • Ready-Made Apps

    We offer over 800 pre-built business apps to quickly get you started. No need to start from scratch.

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Less time. Lower costs. Big return.

Custom business applications can be built faster with the Quick Base low-code platform—and at significantly lower cost.

  • Save Time and Lessen Your IT Backlog

    With Quick Base, an application can be built by a business professional in less than two weeks instead of months. Reduce your IT backlog by 65% and start fulfilling more requests.

  • Slash Your Development Costs

    For every application built in Quick Base, a business saves $20,000 on traditional development methods. Low-code development cuts your operational costs and improves efficiency.

  • Make Changes in Real-Time

    When leveraging Quick Base for low-code app development, you’ll see a 96% reduction in costs to update an app. That’s because anyone can make updates in real-time without IT assistance.

What our customers like best about Quick Base.
“Quick Base adapts to how we work – not the other way around.” - Erik Jonte, Google

Learn more about the savings and benefits of using Quick Base.

This Forrester Consulting study highlights use cases and key reasons why companies choose Quick Base over other low-code platforms.

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