You're All Heroes! But We Had to Choose a Winner...

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Jun 16, 2011
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Last month we asked our customers to nominate the QuickBase Heroes at their organizations. What are QuickBase Heroes?, you may ask. They are the folks who swoop in and create solutions for all kinds of business problems. Like magic they streamline complex business processes, get a solution up in minutes to solve a pressing need, or create apps to organize the most chaotic projects. Put simply, QuickBase Heroes build the apps that run your businesses, improve your team productivity, and drive better business outcomes.

The Winner

Without further ado, let’s announce the winner of the QuickBase Hero Search! Drum roll…Brian Boals of Stream, LLC is our QuickBase Hero! According to their website, “The Stream brings a new and innovative approach to the vehicle repossession and remarketing industry by liquidating vehicle assets directly from repossession lots.” Brian was chosen as the winner for the contest because his entry best fit our submission criteria. The QuickBase solution, which he built and implemented in a matter of weeks, plays a key role in helping his business deliver on its value proposition and has enabled massive growth. Instead of us rambling on, let’s let our Hero speak for himself. Here is his submission:

“Our company began just over a year ago. We sell vehicles through online wholesale auto auctions. As we started out, we tried to retrofit brick and mortar auction software to fit a much more dynamic web environment. It quickly failed. After shopping custom app development, we knew that our budget just couldn't afford it.

Somewhere along the way I discovered QuickBase and prototyped an application that was custom fit to our process and client needs. Within, 45 days from my first login, we launched our custom vehicle inventory management application to our internal staff and also rolled it out to a number of our clients.

Today we have over a dozen of our largest customers using the application and the list grows by the week. We have been able to meet our clients' needs far greater than ever before with our legacy client application. The development of our application in QuickBase has allowed us to respond quickly to our customers and attract even greater business opportunities.

I made my boss a happy man by saving him six figures in custom application development costs and have allowed our company to drive business forward using cloud technology. It has felt great to leverage such innovative software as QuickBase to make such a great impact on this young and growing enterprise. Thanks, QuickBase!”

While our winner best fit the submission criteria, we were blown away by the appreciation everyone voiced for the QuickBase Heroes in their organizations. And rightfully so! With their custom QuickBase solutions at their sides, these heroes drove meaningful business results including:

Building and implementing solutions quickly:

“I approached Charles as I knew he had the skills and experience to bring my vision to reality. Within three days we had a ready-to-roll customized solution in place! Not only did the custom interface do what we needed; but visually it was engaging and logical to the users. His expertise and experience allowed me to provide my client the best product in a limited time within a tight budget.”

Enabling bottom-line growth:

“I’ve saved the company hundreds of hours spent initiating & following up on projects and freed up server space because of reduced e-mail messages and attachments. Less printed paper is generated and fewer calls are placed. The savings are all across the board!”

Increasing efficiency:

“The problem was that our sales team needed approval from management to offer special pricing via e-mail. Management’s inbox was so full and when they actually got around to responding, they often had incomplete information about the request. The solution was to use QuickBase. Sales now inputs special pricing requests into QuickBase and management gets notifications containing the necessary information to make the call. The outcome was a drop in management response time from one week to within 24 hours; special pricing requests from sales tripled because they were now getting timely responses; e-mail numbers dropped like superman in a kryptonite suit, and better decisions were made!”

Winning new business:

“The request for proposal included dozens of spreadsheets full of data. As part of our bid for this new business we wanted to demonstrate our ability to not only perform the required work, but to also better manage the client’s information. To do so, I constructed a QuickBase application and loaded it with most of the data provided in the request for proposal. In our proposal, we were able to offer a full-featured web-enabled Information Management System at no additional cost that undoubtedly helped us to win this opportunity!

Better serving customers:

“Prior to implementing QuickBase, clients would mail in their 10 page documents and then we would then create a file to attach the correct documents to the correct client. Account managers were then assigned a paper file for them to work, giving them the ability to address 10 to 15 clients per day. With our process being paper we had no way to pull reports or analyze our portfolio. After QuickBase was implemented, our data is now transferred directly from the website to QuickBase and our clients can fax or email in the documents linking them directly to QuickBase making us paperless. QuickBase now gives us the opportunity to work with over 120 clients per day and has greatly increased out client base!”

All of the submissions described wonderful success but there were some extraordinary cases where our Heroes were able to use their QuickBase solutions to accomplish astounding feats. Armed with insight provided by QuickBase, one hero was able to make the case for saving a team from being downsized: “The analysis and quick, accessible reporting of QuickBase allowed me to make the case for the productivity of the team, dispute analysis developed by the agency’s performance management team, and ultimately save the unit from being cut.” Another extraordinary story is about one woman who, after deploying her QuickBase solution, not only retained her position after her company was acquired, but she was named Employee of the Year and given a promotion!

Each of the people nominated are Heroes to us! If you’d like to share your story, please post it below or on our Facebook wall. Interested in becoming a hero? Sign up for a free trial of QuickBase or ask your Account Administrator to grant you app creation permissions so you can create your own web based software solutions.

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