Workplace Efficiency: These Self-Starters Are Moving the Needle

Oct 17, 2017
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Workplace Efficiency: These Self-Starters Are Moving the Needle

Workplace Efficiency: These Self-Starters Are Moving the Needle


Maximum productivity lies at the intersection of strategy and technology.

Whenever I want to solve a tough problem, the first thing I do is ask the most talented people in my network how they’ve addressed similar issues. Today at the Fast Track, we feature a compilation of thoughts and ideas from accomplished professionals who implemented technology, systems, or processes to solve problems and change their work lives and productivity for the better.


Devesh Dwivedi, Business Strategist, Idea2Inception, Calgary

I’ve replaced my To-Do List with my Success List. The difference is the former has all the “could dos” and “should dos” and the latter is trimmed down to what I absolutely must do in order to drive success. I personally use apps like FocusBooster and AntiSocial to ensure that I’m always focusing on the things that matter.


Dan Golden, Chief Search Artist, Be Found Online, Chicago

As much as I've looked for the one “be all end all cloud application that is great at everything,” I have realized that I must rely on a handful of productivity apps. Through the use of zapier and ifttt, I've managed to connect dozens of professional and personal cloud productivity apps to integrate as many processes as possible. CRM / email apps / project management tools can all work together, which allows me to use the best tools for each application while surviving login overload.


Jean-Michel Lebeau, CEO, Cortex, Quebec 

I mostly focus on elements that can either improve my business on the long-term or fix a reoccurring problem that's hindering growth. I then prioritize by pain level, meaning that I’ll focus on the stuff that has the biggest impact. I call these elements Rocks, as introduced by The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). I pick new Rocks to remove every quarter and every year. These elements are tracked in a Google Spreadsheet and they have to be updated on a weekly basis to show progress to the rest of the team.


Jennifer Mellon, President, Trustify, Washington, DC

As a founder of a scaling technology company, I needed to implement very clear technology-driven processes to help us meet demand and still provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. My goal has been to create and implement systems that facilitate clear, agile communications between teams in achieving the desired outcome. For example, I now use Predicable Revenue, which creates metrics, KPIs, and communications based on data and a formulaic process.


Thomas Smale, Owner, FE International, London

The biggest challenge my team has faced in implementing new technology and systems is adoption. That's why when we roll out new systems and processes, we ensure the whole team has had the chance to collaborate throughout the discovery and testing process. Getting early buy-in like this increases willingness to adopt and reduces friction when rolling out, since the team has had the opportunity to contribute to the development from the start. We did this when moving to a new custom CRM, and having team members invested in its success has helped us improve the efficiency of client management processes.


Kevin Tao, Chief Digital Officer, NeuEve, Chicago

My biggest personal weakness is reading Reddit and playing games on the Internet. As an entrepreneur, too much freedom is actually a curse, not a blessing. To address this, I use time management software that monitors my computer usage activity and can tell when I'm being productive and when I'm being unproductive. It also blocks certain websites permanently for me, such as Reddit. Each week, the software sends me a report of how I used my time and which days were the most productive or least productive, and I use this information to make adjustments and kick my worst habits.


How are you moving the needle?

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