Womens Off The Shoulder Top – Casual Baggy Sweater

This is a hot style of off the shoulder top this season and all women should have one in their wardrobe. This is a great off the shoulder top for casual or a more professional look. This off the shoulder top has a nice loose fit and is very flattering to any type of figure. You can decide if you want to wear it with a casual pair of jeans or if you want to wear it over your favorite dancing outfit. The pretty rose pink color will make every lady feel really beautiful each time she puts on this off the shoulder top. It has a nice simple, retro look with the fabric covered buttons and the wrap around belt. If you don’t want pink you can also order this great short length off the shoulder top in a light blue color as well. Either version will keep you just as warm during the fall and winter. You can order this in a small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large.

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