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Why We Think It’s Worth $250,000 to Find the Best Way to Get Back to Work

Written By: Jay Jamison
June 3, 2020
3 min read

Whether you are going back into an office, a plant floor, a construction site or you’re newly working remotely—the way we are working is fundamentally different. ‘Business as usual’ doesn’t exist. The term ‘back to work’ has been used a lot to talk about getting the economy started again, getting back to ‘normal.’ But normal is never going to look the same. We’re not going back to work; we’re going back to the future of work.

Cue, the Quickbase community.

I have said this many times, but I am constantly in awe of our vibrant community. The potential of each builder on the Quickbase platform is endless, we have already seen countless applications created to combat COVID-19, companies using Quickbase to adapt their operations to stay agile through disruption, and new use cases popping up every day to evolve to this new way of working.

So, where else would we look for the best applications to bring us all back to the future of work?

A Call for Innovation

We are looking to all of you to do what you do best—solve problems with innovative solutions.

We are putting out a call to our community and beyond to create the most innovative and creative Quickbase applications to get us ‘back to work.’

The virtual Hackathon, launching in late September, calls on the Quickbase user community and anyone interested in developing applications to help organizations adapt and flex during this time of ever-changing challenges. Teams of builders are eligible for up to $250,000 in prizes for the most innovative applications built on Quickbase. Anyone can participate, as Quickbase offers a free builder account and online training, as well as free certification now available through the end of the year. Check out the details and sign up to receive updates and a notification when registration opens.

Getting You Started

In addition to the Hackathon, we have put together a series of fast and flexible application accelerators for managing through the crisis, designed to help businesses get safely back to work and build lasting agility. Rather than pre-packaged applications, these accelerators are built to work the way an individual company does, and can be easily adapted as conditions change.

Sample use cases for these application accelerators include monitoring employee wellness, connecting employee data captured in multiple places in real-time and allowing for changes on the fly as new guidelines or requirements come from state and local governments.

To date, over 300 customers in our community have built more than 750 applications related to managing the impacts of COVID–some of these are available as templates for free in the App Exchange.

A Platform Made for the Future of Work

We are continuing to invest in the platform that will take companies into this future of work. We are making additional investments in:

Real-time operational insights: To drive more valuable data and deliver real-time insights from the platform, Quickbase announced a new set of dashboards and reports that make it easier for users to uncover and share insights, as well as a new offline mobile capability that allows data to be entered anytime, anywhere.

Stronger governance and oversight: To enable governance across applications while still driving collaboration between IT and the business, a new centralized portal for insights is available to give admins more oversight and control over how the platform is being used.

Connecting data across systems: To better connect data and insights across technologies, simple, robust integrations are available for all regardless of technical expertise, from the drag-and-drop connectivity of Pipelines (with two new channels available soon–on-premise ODBC and GSuite) to a robust, modern API portal and new RESTful APIs.

What are you waiting for? The next best application to bring companies back to the future of work is in your hands, now build it.

Written By: Jay Jamison

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