Why this Consulting Firm Chose Intuit QuickBase for Project Management

Dec 18, 2013
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Ingredient Identity, a California-based regulatory management consulting firm that helps dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors optimize their quality and regulatory programs, recently selected Intuit QuickBase over Microsoft Project, Smartsheet and Podio to manage its consulting projects with transparency, flexibility, and ease of use.

“The complexity of projects and the sheer number of clients we’ve brought on in the past six months made things very difficult to track on spreadsheets — we needed to shift to a project management system that would make the process more transparent for the team and our clients. After considering cost, accessibility, and other factors, we went with QuickBase," says Brandon Griffin, CEO of Ingredient Identity.

FDA regulations lead to complex regulatory projects

Dietary supplement manufacturers and marketers exist in a complex regulatory environment. Every product — and every ingredient — is subject to Food & Drug Administration rules for manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and distribution. Ingredient Identity works with a wide range of companies to ensure they can rapidly achieve, sustain, or regain compliance with those regulations.

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Many of these consulting projects can be very complex, involving multiple team members across different departments — all with critical deadlines. Input from different teams is qualified into tasks, which are then assigned to regulatory specialists based on the specialists’ skill set and availability. For example, if a global manufacturer of sports nutrition supplements wants to optimize or scale its quality program, there are a multitude of tasks and activities required to achieve that goal. Ingredient Identity works with a distributed team of regulatory and quality experts who may each be involved at various stages of each task, or across multiple client projects simultaneously. With so many moving parts, keeping track of project progress and ensuring all tasks are completed, logged, and tracked in real time is critical.

Selecting Intuit QuickBase

Ingredient Identity needed a software solution that would ensure that all tasks are documented, assigned, and tracked through the project process. After evaluating “a ton” of solutions, Griffin narrowed the options down to Intuit QuickBase, Microsoft Project, Smartsheet, and Podio. Ultimately QuickBase won for its ability to deliver:

  • Ease of use when creating or modifying projects or task workflows
  • Customizable interfaces based on the user’s role
  • Built-in support from Intuit QuickBase
  • A web-based application for access from any device, anywhere

Griffin also saw an opportunity to differentiate from competitors by increasing visibility into project progress and accountability — giving clients real-time reporting and documentation on hours billed and other key pieces of data. The role settings in QuickBase allowed Ingredient Identity to share critical information with clients in a seamless, organized and automated way.

“As our team members add billable hours, they associate their time cards with those tasks, which is wonderful. We then generate a weekly activity report that goes out to the client with the invoice for that time frame and reaffirms our progress or key achievements either during our weekly client meetings or at the conclusion of the project,” says Griffin. “It’s a huge advantage for the clients and for us.”

Growing with QuickBase

After just a few weeks, Ingredient Identity is already up and running with a fully customized project management app that fits its specific business needs. The number of forgotten tasks has already been reduced to 0, according to Griffin, and the ability to report quickly on key metrics has already proven advantageous to Ingredient Identity. As the business continues to grow, Griffin plans to modify the application to further capitalize on the built-in capabilities of QuickBase, as well as leverage extensions from the network of QuickBase solution providers.

About Intuit QuickBase

Intuit QuickBase is a cloud-based workspace for customizable business applications that helps teams work smarter by automating tasks and workflows and delivering real-time insights through visual reports. More than 450,000 business users rely on Intuit QuickBase to improve productivity.

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