Why Quickbase Can’t Wait for Procore Groundbreak

Written By: Matt Lieberson
August 17, 2023
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At Quickbase, we love finding ways to get more productive and innovate across industries. The Construction industry is rife for more productivity – with complex projects, and a mix of digital and physical assets, construction is full of challenges to try and solve. And we love solving them with our friends at Procore.

Quickbase is excited to continue our deep relationship with Procore, and the best time to do that is at Groundbreak, this September 19-20 in Chicago. ​With joint customers including Consigli, Dimeo, DF Pray, JF Electrical, and more, Quickbase and Procore are both deeply committed to continuing to solve the most complex challenges construction organizations face.

Here’s are four reasons why we’re excited to be in Chicago for Groundbreak in September, and ways we’re continuing to deepen our partnership with Procore:

Eliminating Gray Work, together

Quickbase is committed to eliminating Gray Work from your organization. The manual workarounds that people take on when their tools don’t cut it. In fact, recent Quickbase research found that 45% of respondents find their software tools neutral or negative for productivity. Gray Work is a roadblock to becoming a dynamic enterprise – and something that Quickbase and Procore can team up to mitigate.

With Quickbase and Procore, you can turn your workforce into a work force. Quickbase and Procore allow you to get the most from your existing workforce with a single set of tools that can help you uncover actionable insights to improve resource predictability, field productivity, and profits. While projects are unpredictable, your workforce shouldn’t be.

Extend your productivity with Quickbase and Procore

Quickbase is not simply working alongside Procore – our products reinforce each other and have key integrations that can improve productivity. Quickbase provides flexible technology and pre-built integrations to create personalized workflows for individual business needs, increasing productivity, collaboration, connected systems and projects. ​

One example is improving the process to manage edits and bulk updates. For Procore users that manage hundreds of projects, updating contacts or submittals at scale is manual work, costing time and energy. Quickbase solves this universal challenge and saves you dozens of clicks, automates the process, and removes the risk for error. This keeps your teams focused on high value work instead of mired in spreadsheets and manual work.

Another key way Quickbase extends Procore is with short-term planning. Quickbase Elite Partner VeilSun has developed QLean, a suite of pre-packaged lean construction applications that enhance the power of Quickbase and Procore. QLean optimizes short term planning and scheduling to improve project outcomes that are managed in Procore, taking the traditional, manual lean planning process and making it both digital and integrated with Procore. Customers looking to enhance their lean construction processes can tap into this key resource and quickly improve their productivity with improved forecasting and product management.

Visit Quickbase’s Groundbreak booth to learn more about our joint capabilities.

Connect the field and back office with FastField Forms

One of the biggest challenges for construction organizations is connection and communication between the back office and workers in the field. When field workers can’t access critical information on the go, their work becomes a struggle. They need to be able to find what they need while on location, and do so quickly so they can get back to their most important work. And in the office, communication on info like safety regulations and timesheets can be a hurdle if not done in real-time. More disconnection, more headaches – and more Gray Work.

Quickbase’s recent acquisition of FastField Forms is tailored to solving this exact challenge. With FastField Forms, field workers can get the exact information they need, right when they need it, wherever they are working. This ensures productivity no matter what the situation – from the jobsite, to the office. You can accomplish more in the field, improve collaboration and customer satisfaction, and handle tricky construction challenges like compliance and risk management. Breaking down the barrier between the office and the field is a challenge that all construction organizations have, and one that you can learn more about solving with Quickbase at Groundbreak.

Hear from industry leaders (our breakout)

Those attending Groundbreak can learn more about how to overcome data fragmentation in construction by joining our breakout session. Featuring executives and thought leaders from DF Pray, Dimeo, and JM Electric, our breakout session will showcase how a flexible platform can bring about greater visibility into information gaps and get more out of your existing tools – and ultimately, become a more dynamic enterprise for the continually changing nature of construction.

Schedule a demo at Groundbreak. We'll see you there!

Matt Lieberson
Written By: Matt Lieberson

Matt Lieberson is a Content Marketing Manager at Quickbase.

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