Why Quick Base Customers Think You Should Get Certified

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May 1, 2019
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You are already a workplace problem solver, impacting your organization using Quick Base. Why not make it official?

Quick Base certification is the check box you need to show the value you bring with your Quick Base skills. Hear from current Quick Base rockstars about why they think you should get certified.

Enhance your Knowledge

“After preparing with the online learning modules, I took the Combined Builder/Expert Certification exam and passed. Like any good examination, it’s meant to be challenging and provoke thought, so in addition to being certified I walked away with a deeper understanding of the platform and a list of things I’d like to work on, like automations. I’m proud of my Quick Base Certification and posted it to LinkedIn the very next day.”– Joanna Schreck, Quick Base Administrator and Builder at Informa

“The certification has helped my confidence in my role since my educational background is not in a business or IT field.” – Kelly Hayes, Senior Business Analyst, CCI Systems

“Raise, increase in responsibility, recognition… It’s like feather in your hat after having certification. It helped me to recognize and showcase my skills on a Global platform.” – Gaurav Sharma, Senior Business Applications Developer, Elevate Services, Inc.

Grow Your Career

“Any major tool that has a certification process not only makes it more legit but also broadens your visibility… There are a lot of searches going on for people with verifiable Quick Base credentials, and I’m receiving more calls now.” – Gil Spigelman, Senior System Architect, Hitachi Ventara

“The Certification’s making me very attractive to recruiters because of the popularity Quick Base is having now, and it shows the value I can bring to their company.”- Gil Spigelman, Hitachi Vantara

“The Quick Base Certification Program not only helps me showcase my app building skills on my resume, but also provides credibility when working with other colleagues on projects.”- Joe Scola, Senior Director of Technical Operations Sage

“Quick Base certification has also helped us with our hiring as well. It just makes it easier to find the right candidates—ones you know can hit the ground running” – Tyler Davis, Business Process Analyst / Quick Base Developer, Hitachi Ventara

Back to Basics

“I actually learned a lot more about the fundamentals of Quick Base. I’ve got a lot of experience working in Quick Base in a day to day basis, but getting some of the background information on database structure, stuff like that, kind of filled that little bit of hole in my background that I didn’t even know I had before that.”- Tyler Davis, Hitachi Vantara


“Do the online videos and trainings before you take the exam, because they directly correlate with the information that is covered in the exam.”- Tyrell Morris, New Orleans 911

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